April 1981



Apr 1, 1981 By elgonzales

Someone endured weeks of hard work, loneliness, and seasickness to land that lovely pink delicacy on your plate.

Passing On

Apr 1, 1981 By Dick Reavis

In her darkest, final hours, a young mother turns to a new kind of medical care for help.

God’s Angry Man

Apr 1, 1981 By William Martin

Evangelist James Robison is using the pulpit, prime time television, and Cullen Davis to try to save the world.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Apr 1, 1981 By Paul Burka

Cutting up in the Big Thicket Association; uranium mines get the shaft; the Light at the end of the tunnel; how to make Yankees pay for our oil.


Dining Out
Miracle on Main Street

Apr 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Le Select gives Houston fine French cooking in simple surrounds and at unbeatable prices; Hedary’s, a Lebanese outpost in Fort Worth, offers adventurous Cowtowners some exotic alternatives to beef.

Little Big Museum

Apr 1, 1981 By Michael Ennis

While other U.S. museums sought Rembrandts and Cészannes, Fort Worth’s maverick Amon Carter Museum collected an astound assortment of paintings and photographs of the American West.

Rule, Hispania

Apr 1, 1981 By Paul Burka

In a city known for its tough ethnic politics, Henry Cisneros is out to prove that a Mexican Emerican can be elected mayor of San Antonio.

Magnificent Deception

Apr 1, 1981 By C.W. Smith

In Eyewitness things are never what the seem; Roman Polanskifailed to take a novel approach to Tess; a heroine of Cattle Annie and Little Britches keeps the movie from fading into the sunset; the producers of The Dogs of War should have let sleeping dogs lie; American Pop is kitsch as kitsch can.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1981 By Texas Monthly

Meet Texas’ staunches liberal crusader, biggest trade show, slickest drug peddlers, and canniest mall builders.