February 1981


Total Fabrications

Feb 1, 1981 By Cyndy Severson

When machine-printed polyester or rayon won’t do, consider the work of Texas’ top textile artists.

Old Oil: The Ranger Revival

Feb 1, 1981 By John Bloom

Ranger was the most romantic field in the early oil boom. Now a major company is risking its future to prove that romance still lives.


Dining Out
French Toasts

Feb 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Two new restaurants in Dallas and Houston will save you a trip to Paris.

Classical Music
Going for Baroque

Feb 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Dallas Civic Opera lured audiences back to the eighteenth century with its American premiere of Vivaldi’s Orlando Furioso.

Shout If You Love Jesus

Feb 1, 1981 By William Martin

Local Church members in Houston make sure God hears them; Trinity Baptist in San Antonio is confident it has God’s ear.

Blood Luster

Feb 1, 1981 By Stephen Harrigan

Aztec is gripping buts so gory you may have to read it with you eyes closed; Darlin’ Billadds patina to the Wild Bill Hickok legend; as a major American writer, Thomas McGuane has An Outside Chance; Louise Gluck again proves her power as a poet.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Feb 1, 1981 By Paul Burka

Roughhouse on the Red River; the inside skinny on who’s In and Out; the Census Bureau giveth and the Census Bureau taketh away; circulatory ailments for Dallas newspapers; the last warpath.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Feb 1, 1981 By Michael Ennis

Cultural triumph in San Antonio; mayoral high jinks in Matamoros; electoral tableau in Austin; political protest in Dallas.