March 1985


The Bloody Billion

Jan 20, 2013 By Paul Burka

Oh, how our legislators are moaning and groaning as they try to cut the state budget. But we’ve slashed, chopped, trimmed, pared, and whittles our way through it—and save $1 billion. It wasn’t that hard. Really.


Persistent Vigor

Mar 1, 1985 By Michael Ennis

The impressive canvases that make up “Fresh Paint” at the Museum of Fine Arts prove that Houston has finally arrived as a significant art-making center.

Home Maker

Mar 1, 1985 By Lisa Germany

Many of the best modern homes in the fifties featured natural materials, interior courtyards, and built-in furniture—and architect Harwell Harris was the reason.

New Music Man

Mar 1, 1985 By Jody Denberg

A producing career, a hit video, a record company, successful sound tracks: Austin’s Patrick Keel is having it all.

Liquid Shimmer

Mar 1, 1985 By James Wolcott

In The Purple Rose of Cairo, Woody Allen takes a cold look at movie-fed dreams; the late, great Sam Peckinpah gave us an impassioned view of a violent world.


State Secrets

Mar 1, 1985 By Paul Burka

Coors and Hispanics make peace; Mexico’s flash in the pan; Gramm’s GOP crusade; Mayor Kathy emerges unscathed.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1985 By Gary Cartwright

Can gas become oil? Can a Lubbock institution become an Austin one? Can preservation become exploitation? Can Houston become Austinized? Can Amarillo escape Pottergate?