February 1982



Little Oil

Feb 1, 1982 By Kaye Northcott

Big Oil no longer holds political sway in Washington, and wildcatters are celebrating a new Texas independents’ day.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Feb 1, 1982 By James Wolcott

In Pennies From Heaven Steve Martin gets serious, which is too bad--until he jumps into his dazzling dance numbers, which are too good to be true. Four Friends is about pals, and it palls. In Sharky’s Machine Burt Reynolds tries to mix gore with mush. Rollover defaults.

The Lord Giveth And The Lord Giveth

Feb 1, 1982 By William Martin

Evangelist Kenneth Copeland has good news: the faithful don’t have to wait for heaven to reap their reward. An Eastern Orthodox congregation in Austin is strict about performance of the liturgy but lax about getting to the church on time.


State Secrets

Feb 1, 1982 By Paul Burka

Selling the streets of Laredo; the next big oil play; the bar breaks up over a Supreme Court race; it’s true what they say about office Christmas parties.