October 1989


The Day Leroy Died

Sep 30, 1989 By Dana Rubin

When a small private bank was closed on August 7, depositors lost all of their money, a pillar of the community came tumbling down, and the town’s trusting way of life was shattered.


State Secrets
We Wuz Robbed

Sep 30, 1989 By Paul Burka

Water, water, everywhere—in New Mexico, but Texas can't have any; Mexico invades Texas; picking the winner in the race to succeed Mickey Leland.


Animal Fights

Sep 30, 1989 By Joe Nick Patoski

The Animal Liberation Front terrorizes Texas Tech: RVs lumber through the Big Bend drug net; eclectic eats served to a boogie beat in the Hill Country.


That Brainpower Guy

Sep 30, 1989 By Peter Elkind

Incarnate Word was an obscure Catholic school before Lou Agnese launched his multimillion-dollar ad campaign. Now the college is booming, and Agnese is a local star.

Home Is Where the Art Is

Sep 30, 1989 By Michael Ennis

Two museum shows culled from private collections illustrate that Texans know what they like—and it's not just Monets and Renoirs.