April 1983 Issue



State Secrets

State Secrets

Southwest Airlines’ California gamble pays off - and Texans do the paying: update from Gibgate; why Bellaire is not Park Place; a truly dumb idea from UT.



Down with Compromise

Freddie Hubbard’s attempts to play pop music have been disastrous. But when he tackles a pure mainstream sound, he shows what jazz trumpeting is all about.

Classical Music


Once touted, now routed, San Antonio’s opera takes its last bow.

Oil Rigged

The Great Energy Scam purports to uncover the collusion of the feds and the oil companies, but the real scandal is what the author overlooks. Yet another book on killer Ted Bundy sheds no light on his crimes. Roughneck is a rousing look at America’s most radical labor union.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Times are tough in Laredo; specialty advertisers are unveiled in Dallas; some very old bones stir things up in Leander; a wild turkey comes back to West Texas; newspapers go wild in San Antonio.

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