July 1979 Issue


Moon Struck

Ten years ago the Apollo astronauts, technicians and scientists all, landed on the Moon and touched what poets only dreamed. But that touch changed their lives.



Type Caste

Staying up all night setting type may not sound like the good life, but it is.


Breeden Ground

Leon Breeden’s jazz students at North Texas State University are already pros, and they have recorded two new albums to prove it.


Baby and Me and DDT

Experts say that the chemical residues in mother’s milk aren’t enough o harm a nursing baby, but how much poison is too much?


Eagle’s Eye

The Whole Shootin’ Match is a Texas film with Texas actors that took a year to get shown in Texas.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Texas real estate up for grabs; will Houston get a third daily newspaper?



Texas Monthly Reporter

Suffering the lines at the gas pump; gambling in the magazine business; a dragnet for the Southwest’s sneakiest thief; what’s Dallas’ secret?

The State

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