June 2001


Good-bye to All That

May 31, 2001 By Mimi Swartz

Austinites thought the high-tech boom wouldn't change them, but it turned their city into something that more closely resembled Houston or Dallas in the golden eighties. Now they're paying the price.

The Killing of Alydar

May 31, 2001 By Skip Hollandsworth

In 1990 the legendary Thoroughbred was put to sleep after his leg was broken—an accident, it seemed, until a tenacious prosecutor linked his death to a Houston bank scandal.

The Assassination in Me

May 31, 2001 By James Ellroy

This month my second novel about JFK's murder will be published. Why do I keep returning to Dealey Plaza and the events of that fateful day? Because I can't help myself.

Tex Education, Part 2

May 31, 2001 By Anne Dingus

In 1883, being caught with what everyday object could have gotten you killed? Find out the answer, along with 24 other equally fascinating tidbits, in the second installment of my Texas-literacy test.

To Hell and Back

Jan 20, 2013 By Jan Reid

After he was shot by a Mexico City cab driver—and told that he might be paralyzed—Jan Reid was flown to Houston, where Dr. Red Duke and a team of therapists literally got him back on his feet. In an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir, The Bullet Meant for Me, Reid reconstructs the grueling nine weeks of recovery before he and his wife, Dorothy, finally headed home to Austin.


The Collector

May 31, 2001 By Jeff McCord

Being a corporate lawyer pays Dean Blackwood's bills, but running an obscure record label keeps him in tune with his true passion.

Killer Bugs

May 31, 2001 By Jim Atkinson

I learned a shocking lesson when I visited San Antonio's "hot lab," where some of the world's deadliest microbes are studied. The germs are winning.


The Yokota Officers Club

May 31, 2001 By Texas Monthly

Chapter One   White House Washington, D.C. Dear Dependents of the United States Air Force: Welcome to your new duty assignment, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. Okinawa is the principal island of the 160 islands that make up the Ryukyu archipelago. Only 67 miles long and from 2 to 17…

Shooting Stars

May 31, 2001 By Lilly Gonzalez

For nearly thirty years, photographer Burton Wilson has never found himself without a camera when he needed one. A new book captures his view of the Austin music scene.

Water Log

May 31, 2001 By Texas Monthly

Senior editor Joe Nick Patoski, writer-at-large Suzy Banks, and others tell the story behind this month's cover story, "On the Water Front."

Island Hopping

May 31, 2001 By Patricia Sharpe

Like Saint-Tropez and Mykonos, the tiny Spanish island of Ibiza suggests high times, sun-drenched beaches, and hordes of international lollygaggers. That whiff of cosmopolitan style was exactly what Grant Cooper and Charles Clark were seeking in the name of their new restaurant (at 2450 Louisiana) in Houston’s hot midtown area.

Boursin-Cheese-and-Snail Ravioli

May 31, 2001 By Patricia Sharpe

There is more to do with escargots than serve them in garlic butter, as this delicious recipe proves. Incidentally, one of these large pasta packets is plenty for an appetizer portion. If you wish, you can substitute portobello or other mushrooms, briefly sautéed in butter, for the snails.



Around the State

May 31, 2001 By Patricia McConnico, Eileen Schwartz and Katy Vine

Dame Edna dresses up Houston; three new travel guides throw the book at Texas; a Flock of Seagulls (and other eighties acts you thought were lost at sea) return to Houston; and regional theater takes a bow in Austin, Fort Worth, and Waco.