October 1986 Issue



Beyond Halloween

On the Day of the Dead, Mexicans mock death with candy skulls and papier-mache coffins. But in the darkness of a graveside vigil, the mockery gives way to tears.


After the Tears

Cambodian Lay Bun Sun escaped the terrors of the Khmer Rouge to film his dreams in Houston.


Going For Broke

In boom times, John Connally and Ben Barnes used their political magic to build a sprawling real estate empire. Now they’re in a desperate struggle to keep themselves afloat.


On the Menu – Cappyccino’s

Cappyccino’s 10 Ideas To Improve Life Say please and thanks Avoid malls, discounters, and mass merchants Take Sundays off Plant seeds Enjoy sunrises and sunsets Make 100 year decisions Mass media only in moderation Balance high-tech and high-touch Reward teachers, artists,


The Quidnunc

The Quidnunc

Governor White nods off; Watauga policeman on the wagon; debutante dos and don’ts.

State Secrets

State Secrets

A price for peace on the Guadalupe River; favorites and long shots in the Texas racetrack derby; a key decision for Lloyd Bentsen.


Classical Music

For the Love of Bach

The Dallas Bach Society combines crackerjack musicians, a well-trained choir, and top-ranked vocal soloists—the result is a baroque-music lover’s dream.

Partners in Crime

David Lindsey stalks Houston cops, through the violence the violence and around the blood, in search of another mystery novel.



Texas Monthly Reporter

The Harris Count Administration Building isn’t big enough for both Jon Lindsay and Mike Driscoll; Ray Perryman, a reporter’s best friend; a lucky accident brought Ethiopians—and Ethiopian restaurants—to Dallas.

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