November 1990


Ad Men at War

Nov 1, 1990 By Skip Hollandsworth

How the battle for the Southwest Airlines account turned into a long-awaited showdown between Texas’s two top agencies.

Vanishing Texas

Nov 1, 1990 By Larry L. King

Searching for tourist courts, fillin’ stations, and other relics of a Texas that is no more.

The Lone Ambassador

Nov 1, 1990 By Jan Jarboe Russell

Henry Catto’s friends knew that one day he would be appointed to the Court of St. James’s. What they didn’t guess is that when the time came, his wife, Jessica, wouldn’t join him.



Pipe Dream

Nov 1, 1990 By Suzanne Stahl

Polybutylene plumbing systems were supposed to be a homeowner’s fantasy; they turned out to be a nightmare.

Soul Survivors

Nov 1, 1990 By Marion Winik

The dear departed may be gone, but on the Day of the Dead they’re not forgotten.

Venturesome Capital

Nov 1, 1990 By John Anderson

By taking a cue from smart money, even the small investor can get an angle on modest deals in post-bust Texas.


State Fare
State Fare

Nov 1, 1990 By Patricia Sharpe

Dallas’ Parigi restaurant owes its forthright demeanor to chef and co-owner Andree Falls’s hands-on attitude toward cooking. Instead of learning her trade in an academic setting, Falls practiced in restaurant kitchens while traveling around the world. Many of Parigi’s offerings reflect the casual gusto of bistros in the South of…