April 1987


Alison Cook’s Modern Texas Manners

Apr 1, 1987 By Texas Monthly

Bankruptcy and job loss may be closing in, but Texans aren’t sitting home eating Spam. They’re down-scaling, gang-hosting, and improvising a new hard-times etiquette as they go along.

High Noon at the Capitol

Apr 1, 1987 By Paul Burka

The biggest legislative bloodbath in 31 years is shaping up between Clements and Hobby. At stake: not only the state’s education budget but the economic and political future of Texas as well.

Cabin Fever

Apr 1, 1987 By Joe Nick Patoski

Not in the mood for a plush vacation resort or the rigors of backpacking? Instead, try solitude and starry nights at one of these ten park hideaways.

The Man Who Understands Horses

Apr 1, 1987 By Thomas McGuane

Buster Welch’s success as a cutting horse trainer is based on a simple observation: when you insult a horse’s intelligence, you hurt his feelings.

The Deadly Doctor

Apr 1, 1987 By Emily Yoffe

As a medical student, Deborah Spiva was at the top of her class. As a researcher, she did experiments that came out perfectly. As a physician, she was known for treating patients with rare diseases. She was too good to be true.


The Next Picture Show

Apr 1, 1987 By Jan Reid

In Larry McMurtry’s Texasville, the teenagers from The Last Picture Show await their thirtieth high school reunion amid the hard times in Thalia and, as always, the war between the sexes.

The Prince of Pumps

Apr 1, 1987 By Mimi Swartz

Buying shoes is a passion for some women. Selling shoes is a passion for Doyle Moody. That adds up to a perfect fit.

Tuned Out

Apr 1, 1987 By James Wolcott

Radio Days is a nostalgic doodle; Black Widow needs fewer poses and more cheap lust; Dead of Winter is spookhouse-scary—but schlocky; The Good Wife is soapy yet strangely affecting.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Apr 1, 1987 By Patricia Hart

Can the Cotton Bowl survive the SMU scandal? a Mexican American major for Corpus Christi—maybe; the water bureaucrats are up to no dam good.

Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Apr 1, 1987 By Texas Monthly

Self-appointed visionaries on the border; self-development seminars all over Texas; self-indulgent behavior at the corner burger joint.

National Tour
National Tour

Apr 1, 1987 By Dick Reavis

Out of the Valley and into the Borderlands, where the architecture is erratic, the radio is heavenly, and the peso has lost its power.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1987 By Alison Cook

Marty Wender can’t do anything wrong—and San Antonio loves him for it. Joe Russo can’t do anything right—and Houston loves him for it. Plus: pop paraphernalia, naming Henry’s baby, Poppin’ Pigskins, and Who Killed Mark White?