September 1993 Issue



Windy’s City

Forget what you’ve heard about wacky Waco. In the fifties, as Windy Drum’s photographs demonstrate, the city was bustling, optimistic, and all-American.


The Texas 100

We could show you pie charts or a thirty-minute infomercial, but take our word for it: Ross Perot is still the richest Texan.


State Fare: Pasta Primavera

Think casual entertaining, and you think “grill.” This dish, from the New Southwestern bistro Third Coast Rotisserie and Grill in Houston, propels tradition up a notch.The shrimp and scallop skewers, a creation of executive chef Gary Tottis, take one of Texas’ great natural resources—seafood—and give it a distinctive Mexican accent—the



Joe v. Bob

American CEO Crandall and plaintiff’s lawyer Jamail waged the latest airline war in court.

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