October 1982 Issue

On the Cover

“It’s Time To Make a Deal”

The inside story of Boone Pickens’ adventures in the Wall Street merger game, featuring action, suspense, drama, a few laughs, and a special guest appearance by President Ronald Reagan.


On the Wing

Roy Kendall, self-taught lepidopterist, would want you to add this to the list of reasons for living in Texas: nowhere else in the U.S. are there so many beautiful and unusual butterflies.



Kangaroo Westerns

He has no manners, polish, or panache. He has stubble, a low brow, and a violent temper. Thanks to filmakers from down under, he's the new Austrailian male.

The Knickknack Cadillac

The footloose scout in Larry McMurtry's Cadillac Jack travels on and off the beaten track in omnivorous pursuit of women and objects d'art. In The Shadow Line, New-Yorker-turned-Texan Laura Furman captures the atmosphere of Inner Loop Houston.



Texas Monthly Reporter

The harsh truth about Mexican corruption; the twilight zone of Houston journalism; the instant $82 million oil bust; the tastemakers of art-to-eat.


State Secrets

State Secrets

West Texas' Indian motels; dueling fundraisers; a not-so-sweet deal; adventures in the legal trade.

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