September 1982


The Man Who Killed Judge Wood

Aug 31, 1982 By Gary Cartwright

The end of the Chagra family’s drug empire, a few words on murderer-for-hire Charles Harrelson, and the most incrimminating tapes since Watergate.


The New Dominion

Aug 31, 1982 By Nicholas Lemann

Things are looking good for the Sunbelt, says political prognosticator Kevin P. Phillips. Unfortunately, things are looking bad for America.

The Midas Touch

Aug 31, 1982 By W. L. Taitte

In the past two years Kjehl Rasmussen has opened two acclaimed Dallas theaters and directed a hit musical. And that’s just for starters.

Well, Bust My Bodice

Aug 31, 1982 By James Wolcott

With its folksy-talking tarts and rubes, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tries to make a virture of vulgarity. Bard-olaters who flock to two Shakespeare-inspired offerings may be disappointed: Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is puckish but prosy; Paul Mazursky’s Tempest leaves the viewer at sea.

Art Pepper’s Last Chorus

Aug 31, 1982 By Doug Ramsey

The late alto saxophonist lived a life marred by heroin addiction and prison time, but his pain was only a counterpoint to the beauty of his music.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Aug 31, 1982 By Paul Burka

Taller-than-thou in Houston; Bullock and his feelings; the fate of the Boll Weevils; yellow journalism in Dallas.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Aug 31, 1982 By Peter Applebome

Dallas a haven for mystics and misfits? La Raza Unida just a memory? Plus: a real, live train robber reminisces; public TV fades in and out; C.A. Doerge gets all pumped up.