September 1982 Issue




The Midas Touch

In the past two years Kjehl Rasmussen has opened two acclaimed Dallas theaters and directed a hit musical. And that’s just for starters.


Well, Bust My Bodice

With its folksy-talking tarts and rubes, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tries to make a virture of vulgarity. Bard-olaters who flock to two Shakespeare-inspired offerings may be disappointed: Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is puckish but prosy; Paul Mazursky’s Tempest leaves the viewer at sea.


Art Pepper’s Last Chorus

The late alto saxophonist lived a life marred by heroin addiction and prison time, but his pain was only a counterpoint to the beauty of his music.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Dallas a haven for mystics and misfits? La Raza Unida just a memory? Plus: a real, live train robber reminisces; public TV fades in and out; C.A. Doerge gets all pumped up.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Taller-than-thou in Houston; Bullock and his feelings; the fate of the Boll Weevils; yellow journalism in Dallas.

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