February 2002 Issue

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Can Rick Perry Stand On His Own?

And just how long are his coattails? Texas politics is always interesting, but the 2002 election—with two formidable tickets, four big races, and a healthy debate over whether this is still a two-party state—promises to be one for the books.


Which Side of the Fence Are You On?

All over Texas, ranchers are putting up eight-foot fences to keep their deer from roaming so they can charge more for hunting leases. Purists say shooting such deer doesn't amount to "fair chase." Biologists say penning them in causes disease. I say it's the best thing that could happen to

Durst Case Scenarios

Last September a human torso was found floating in Galveston Bay—a gruesome discovery that opened a window into the bizarre life of the accused murderer, New York multimillionaire Robert Durst.

Mission: Impossible

Rumor has it that director Ron Howard and screenwriter John Sayles are coming to Austin this spring to make a $100 million movie about the Alamo. It may be too much to ask that they get Texas' defining battle right (since no one knows what really happened), but I've got

Around the State


Fine Art

SHE’S SO NINETIES Houston’s Menil Collection celebrates the ninetieth birthday of minimalist painter Agnes Martin this month with an exhibit of about 35 of her works, all created in the past nine years. Aptly titled “The Nineties and Beyond,” the installation, on view from February 1 through May 26, will



A GRAND AFFAIR During the Great Depression, a group of friends in Brownsville came up with the idea to boost morale by paying tribute to what their city and their Mexican sister city, Matamoros, had to offer. Sixty-five years later, Charro Days is still rockin’—and still celebrating border culture. Back


Straight Talk

Funny girl Janeane Garofalo, the actress and stand-up comedienne, plays the Empire Theatre in San Antonio on February 1 and the Paramount Theatre in Austin on February 2.You spent some time growing up in Houston, didn’t you? We were there on and off starting in the early seventies. My dad


Special Occasion

ARE YOU GONNA BE THERE (AT THE LOVE-IN)? We know, we know—despite your best intentions, you usually wait until midnight on February 13 to plan your Valentine’s Day, which means you’ll miss the Love Fest parade in Lovelady. If you simply can’t plan ahead, don’t fret: You’ll still have a




If you think your flulike symptoms could be anthrax, don't call your HMO—call your doctor. And other advice the television "experts" should have told you.


Up in the Air

Since September 11, Texas' big three airlines—American, Continental, and Southwest—have struggled to survive. Here's their flight plan for the future.


Green With Envy

The University of North Texas Mean Green Eagles had one of their most exciting football seasons ever last year. Too bad everyone was talking about UT.


Polka Dotty

Bitter ethnic rivalries. Fragmented musical styles. Who knew that polka fans could be so hard-core? Not Denton's Brave Combo.


Love Birds

If you want the romance in your marriage to take flight, take a cue from the whooping cranes of the Texas coast.




Dutch Babies

There are innumerable recipes for these baked pancakes, varying the ratio of eggs to flour and the cooking temperature and time, so feel free to experiment. The finished product is actually quite similar to Yorkshire pudding (minus the beef drippings) or to popovers. Besides the traditional topping of lemon juice

Web Exclusive

Oh, Baby!

When you tire of oatmeal and toast, head to Fort Worth for a special breakfast treat.

Pat's Pick

On The Road

PITMASTER We weren’t even thinking about barbecue when we drove through Huntsville on a recent trip. But a whiff of smoke from Miss Charlotte’s Ribs and Thangs brought us to a screeching halt. Co-owner Vincent Williams immediately charmed us with his smile and hospitality and impressed us with his culinary

Pat's Pick

Primary Flavors

SALAD DAYS For most of the past decade, Caesar has been the in salad. We think the Cobb salad is the new Caesar. Created in 1926 by Bob Cobb, the owner of the Brown Derby in Los Angeles, the salad began as a way to use up leftovers in the

Pat's Pick

Street Smart

York Street had me at hello. The minute my friend and I sat down, a waitress appeared bearing complimentary glasses of fino sherry and small bowls of almonds and herbed olives. In chef-owner Sharon Hage’s Dallas domain, “attention to detail” is the byword. The dining room sparkles in crisp grays


The Mercury’s Cobb Salad With Grilled Chicken

Special Equipment4 four-inch ring molds approximately 2 inches tallChampagne Vinaigrette1/4 cup champagne vinegar 1 egg yolk 2 teaspoons creole mustard 2/3 cup canola oil salt and freshly ground pepper to tasteIn a bowl whisk together the vinegar, egg yolk, and mustard. Then slowly pour in the oil, whisking to emulsify.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails

The Fort Davis area has a lot to offer—like the McDonald Observatory, the Davis Mountains State Park, and some peace and quiet.

Web Exclusive

Flying Aces

September 11 changed the airline industry. It's a good thing that the state's top airlines each have the right guy calling the shots.

Web Exclusive

Photo Shoot

Art director Scott Dadich talks about photographer Dan Winters and producing twelve pages of unforgettable images of politicians.

Web Exclusive

Perry’s Place

Senior executive editor Paul Burka tells the story behind this month's cover story, "Can Rick Perry Stand on His Own?"


The Last Roundup

Don Imus Has Heart

In New Mexico--far west Texas to you and me--my old friend the radio jock runs a ranch for kids with cancer. And you thought he was all talk.

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