November 1987 Issue

On the Cover

In Praise of Cowgirls

Call them what you will. We call them the living, breathing spirit of the Western woman. A working definition, you might say.


Paper Boy

When newspaper entrepreneur William Dean Singleton bought the ailing ‘Dallas Times Herald,’ people thought he was crazy. When he bought the ‘Houston Post,’ they were sure of it.

Every One a Victim

Every One a Victim

The parents of a confessed killer went to jail rather than testify against their son. Now the murder conviction has been reversed, and the family of the deceased must endure renewed anguish.




Texas Monthly Reporter

Onward through the fall at SMU; home on the fringe with Rob Paul; good news from the catalog jungle; a taste of Longhorn.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Yankees discover a Texas bumper sticker they like; UT and A&M get tough; Saudi Arabia’s crude tactics; an acid test for Dukakis.

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