July 1984 Issue

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Dining Out is Fun

If mother doesn’t make food like she used to, there are still a few great cafes in Texas that will.



State Secrets

State Secrets

Presenting the Big Bend Condos and Solitario Safari; Mexico finds out what it feels like to have an immigrant problem; Oscar Wyatt and Clinton Manges gird for battle; inside report from the special session.



A Byte of Life

The Flight Simulator and Heroism in the Modern Age are realistic new computer games that offer a wonderful mix of fantasy and reality; Free Enterprise is too simplistic to be much fun.


Temple of Excess

Indiana Jones bashes us with unthinking cruelty: The Natural is a balk; Sixteen Candlesis lit up with tickling teenage talk.


Getting Mellow

In the sixties the fee-jazz movement produced music that was defiantly experimental, and the same artists are still playing some of the most stimulating jazz around.


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