July 1984


Take This Job and Love It

Jun 30, 1984 By David Seeley

Sandi Barton works from 8:30 to 5 as a secretary in a downtown Dallas office. She knows a lot of women look down on her job, but it suits her just fine.


A Byte of Life

Jun 30, 1984 By Scott Lubeck

The Flight Simulator and Heroism in the Modern Age are realistic new computer games that offer a wonderful mix of fantasy and reality; Free Enterprise is too simplistic to be much fun.

Temple of Excess

Jun 30, 1984 By James Wolcott

Indiana Jones bashes us with unthinking cruelty: The Natural is a balk; Sixteen Candlesis lit up with tickling teenage talk.

Getting Mellow

Jun 30, 1984 By Doug Ramsey

In the sixties the fee-jazz movement produced music that was defiantly experimental, and the same artists are still playing some of the most stimulating jazz around.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jun 30, 1984 By Paul Burka

Presenting the Big Bend Condos and Solitario Safari; Mexico finds out what it feels like to have an immigrant problem; Oscar Wyatt and Clinton Manges gird for battle; inside report from the special session.