June 1985


The Desperate Search for Christi Meeks

May 31, 1985 By Jim Atkinson

When five-year-old Christi Meeks disappeared and the police couldn’t find her, her father turned to Bill Dear, one of the most controversial private detectives in Texas.

La Reina Diana

May 31, 1985 By Alison Cook

By her dedication, her rigor, her almost overwhelming enthusiasm, Diana Kennedy forced a generation of cooks to take Mexican food seriously and jolted Texans into realizing that there is life beyond the combination dinner.

The Last Tarpon

May 31, 1985 By peterbarthelme

My quest for this magnificent silver fish drew me to a lonely stretch of the Texas coast night and day, summer and fall, over and over again.

On the Wings of the Wind

May 31, 1985 By Stephen Harrigan

Someday, when the weather is just right, glider pilot Joann Shaw will sail across the sky, alone among the silent and shifting clouds, for hundreds of miles.

Last One In

May 31, 1985 By Joe Nick Patoski

When the summer heat starts to get to you, cool your heels by plunging into an icy green swimming hole.

The Texas Six-Pack

May 31, 1985 By Peter Applebome

The six freshman Republican congressmen from Texas are young, angry, and energetic. The only question is, can they be effective too?


May 31, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Up-to-date Western fashions that’ll knock your boots off.


Nero’s Chicken Luigi

May 31, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Recipe from chef Luigi, Nero’s Italian, Dallas A double breast of chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh goat cheese and spinach, in a fresh roasted garlic cream sauce. 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, split 1/4 lb. goat cheese 1/4 lb. sun-dried tomatoes 2 eggs, lightly beaten…

Web Exclusive
On the Menu: Nero’s Italian

May 31, 1985 By Jen Scoville

DESPITE ITS LOCATION on Dallas’ trendy restaurant row, Nero’s has a tucked-in feel reminiscent of the kind of cozy Italian place one might find downtown in New York City or scattered throughout Boston’s North End. Dark and atmospheric inside, strings of tiny white tea lights hang haphazardly from the vintage…


State Secrets
State Secrets

May 31, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Can Ross Perot get the Indians to sell out Manhattan again? Why Kent Hance may not run; roll out the pork barrel; shoot down that trial balloon.


Going Whole Hog

May 31, 1985 By Jan Morris and greggeasterbrook

Larry McMurtry’s grand epic, Lonesome Dove, opens with blue snake-eating pigs and goes on to describe unflinchingly the settlement of the American West. Mark Singer’s Funny Money examines the biggest bank failure in U.S. history.

Mornin’, Mr. Smitherman

May 31, 1985 By josephwills

Every day the citizens of Cameron rise and shine to the radio antics of Eugene “Unk” Smitherman and his creation, a lovable rube named Silas Strausberger.

Aching Hollows

May 31, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Heartbreakers has a drowsy punch, but it still stings; 1918 deposits us in nostalgia; My First Wife is all psychodrama, no wit; Sylvia is refined, reserved—and despairing.

Just One of Those Things

May 31, 1985 By Doug Ramsey

Jazz singers defy definition. They may scat, or they may not; they may be veterans or newcomers; they may decline the label of jazz singer. But their music always gives them away.


Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1985 By Jan Reid

Austin’s infamous Iguana; Lucas’ latest story; San Antonio’s dedicated Dodgers; Tascosa’s secretive spirits.