March 1993 Issue

On the Cover

Big Bend Made Easy

It may be more than 800,000 acres, but you can easily cut Big Bend down to size. Here’s how.


Tom Who?

Jimmy Johnson said he’d see us in the Super Bowl, and he was right. Now he is a hero, and his critics are eating crow.


Worn Free

Top-flight wear (from hat to shoes) for rugged adventures on the Texas terrain.


State Fare: Rack of Lamb Italo-Francese

March is the month for lamb—especially the delectable variety served at Monte Carlo in the Grand Kempinski Hotel Dallas. With a solarium, pale peach walls, and trees and potted palms scattered throughout, this light and airy place captures the ambience of restaurants in Italy and the South of France. The

Running Rabid

Five years ago, rabies was rare in South Texas. Now nearly three hundred animals have died and the epidemic is not abating.


Naked Truth

Twice a week I strip for strange men in a topless bar. I worry about just two things: weirdos and what my mother thinks.



No Airhead

NASA scientists ignored amateur Forrest Mims—until he proved them wrong.

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