August 1980



State Secrets

Jul 31, 1980 By Paul Burka

Summer in the city; publisher’s power play; biting the handout that feeds you; will Oscar Wyatt abandon America?


The Conqueror Worm

Jul 31, 1980 By Michael Ennis

All the beautiful kickers gathered in Houston for the premiere of Urban Cowboy. It began at a shopping center and ended in a honk-tonk, and John Travolta had to say he liked it.

God With the Wends

Jul 31, 1980 By William Martin

Texas’ rural Wends take time from chores to attend St. Paul’s Lutheran in Serbin; vacationers on Padre Island take time from play to attend an open-air mass at St. Andrew’s by the Sea.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Jul 31, 1980 By Gene Lyons

Yankee lawyers kick up dust in the Panhandle; maniacal marathon man runs for his life; the redfish that got away; are Dallas’s tax ills contagious?