August 1980 Issue

On the Cover

The Secret Life of the Beach

Along the silent, lovely beach, tiny armies fight in the tide, fierce battles rage in the sky, and nocturnal marauders slither across the sand.




The War-horse

The Big Red One is Sam fuller’s war baby; roadie never gets out of its rut; The Tin Drum misses a few beats.


God With the Wends

Texas’ rural Wends take time from chores to attend St. Paul’s Lutheran in Serbin; vacationers on Padre Island take time from play to attend an open-air mass at St. Andrew’s by the Sea.

Classical Music

Bring Home the Bach

Mozart and Beethoven made an appearance, but Johann Sebastian was the guest of honor at Victoria’s annual Bach Festival.

Dining Out

Lasagne and Old Lace

Try pasta and veal at Sergio’s in Dallas—that’s Italian! For an outstanding Sunday brunch, put your stock in Austin’s Green Pastures.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Yankee lawyers kick up dust in the Panhandle; maniacal marathon man runs for his life; the redfish that got away; are Dallas’s tax ills contagious?


State Secrets

State Secrets

Summer in the city; publisher’s power play; biting the handout that feeds you; will Oscar Wyatt abandon America?

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