April 1992


The Blood of the Farentholds

Apr 1, 1992 By Robert Draper

Sissy Farenthold’s family has long battled with its capacity for self-destruction. With the disappearance of her youngest son, the battle is once again joined.

Holy Trinity

Apr 1, 1992 By Dana Rubin

Three Spanish missions are El Paso’s own heaven on earth.

The Killer Next Door

Apr 1, 1992 By Gayle Golden

For six years, my landlord and his wife were the perfect neighbors. Then he was accused of murdering her—and suddenly I didn’t know what to believe.


Hard Rock

Apr 1, 1992 By Melanie Cole

It chopped, it scraped, it cut, it carved! Texas’ own Alibates flint helped civilize a continent.

Other People’s Money

Apr 1, 1992 By Kathy Lowry

A man with big ambitions, Paul Rush bought his way into San Antonio society. Too bad the money he spent wasn’t his.

Behind the Lines
Testing Delusions

Apr 1, 1992 By Gregory Curtis

This year is the twenty-sixth anniversary of the hardest test I ever took. Then, about to graduate from college with an English degree, I had been in school for so long and had liked it so much that I had no particular yearning to go out into the world. Perhaps…

Having a Cow

Apr 1, 1992 By Elmer Kelton

Beyond Beef blames cattle for the decline of civilization—not to mention famine, pestilence, destruction, and death.

Radio Central

Apr 1, 1992 By Dick Hitt

Part history, part gossip, part stream of consciousness, Mattie Dellinger’s talk show speaks to the heart of Center, Texas.


Split Personalities

Apr 1, 1992 By Paul Burka

With the never-ending school finance crisis entering its umpteenth round, Governor Ann Richards and Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock appear to be on a collision course. Richards has decided that the educational problems of public schools should be considered along with their funding problems. Bullock has decided just the opposite. The…

State of the Art
The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup

Apr 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

Photojournalist Jim Cammack was struck by an odd sight at Sweetwater’s annual spring rattlesnake roundup: a man with a tail. No, the man, a Jaycees volunteer, was not participating in a roundup-sanctioned snake-wrestling contest. He was demonstrating one technique for holding the powerful Western diamondback while milking its venom.

Roar of the Crowd
Corps Values

Apr 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

As a female member of Texas A&M’s Parsons Mounted Cavalry (“one of the units most determined to remain all male”), I want to clear up some of the misconceptions in Mimi Swartz’s “Love and Hate at Texas A&M” [TM, February 1992]. I have been a Drill and Ceremony…


The Write Stuff

Apr 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

Suzanne Coleman reveals the secret of her success: “You have to be a sentimental fool.”

Aquarena Mermaids

Apr 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

Water acts may ebb and flow, but since 1950 the polyester-clad mermaids at San Marcos’ Aquarena Springs have barely had time to keep their heads above water. Their subaquatic dances are a tribute to the popularity of such swimming celebrities as Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller, a testament to…

Liquor Licker

Apr 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

Larry Peterman is a revisionist where suckers are concerned. His new tequila lollipop con gusano (complete with the worm) is his take on making hard liquor palatable: “We tried using mescal,” he says, “but it tasted so bad—kind of like burned dirt with rubbing alcohol—that nobody would eat it.”…

Bingo Nation

Apr 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

The Choctaw Nation’s cavernous hall accommodates a weekly flood of fanatical game players.


Chicken Tikka

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Chicken Tikka with Yellow Lentils and Crispy Pappadums Yellow Lentils 2 tablespoons each celery, onion, and bacon, finely chopped 1⁄2 ounce olive oil 5 cups (40 ounces) chicken stock 2 tablespoons curry powder 2 cups dried split yellow or pink lentils Kosher salt to taste…