Larry Peterman is a revisionist where suckers are concerned. His new tequila lollipop con gusano (complete with the worm) is his take on making hard liquor palatable: “We tried using mescal,” he says, “but it tasted so bad—kind of like burned dirt with rubbing alcohol—that nobody would eat it.” Tequila tastes better, according to Peterman, and he rationalized that “most people identify the worm with tequila any-way.” There the worm sits—laid out in plain view in the lollipop. You can still change your mind, but once you’ve assuaged your taste buds licking sweetened tequila, the worm—actually a beetle larva that has a nutty flavor—might not be so hard to swallow. Peterman operates a candy store in Pismo Beach, California, as well as a worm farm in nearby Los Osos. To order, call 800-EAT-WORM.