July 2004


Them’s Fightin’ Words!

Jun 30, 2004 By Mimi Swartz

All over the world, and all over this country, the Texas stereotype is mocked and maligned (so what else is new?). Does it matter, really, if everyone thinks we're fat, violent, prudish yahoos?

Letters Home

Jun 30, 2004 By Pamela Colloff

Seventy-five Texans—sons and daughters, brothers and sisters—have died in Iraq since last March. Here are some of their final words.


Books That Cook

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Members of the Houston Astros Wives Organization know that peanuts and Cracker Jacks are likely to strike out at the dinner table, so they’ve put together a playbook for cooking called From Home Plate to Your Plate! Even if you’re prone to major-league errors, you’ll be batting one thousand with…

Happy Trails

Jun 30, 2004 By Rebecca Markovits

What are the farms in The Hill Country like? After visiting three on a recent Sunday, I discovered they're anything but ordinary.

Land Rover

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Scott Cohen, the executive chef at La Mansion del Rio Hotel, in San Antonio, puts a Texas twist on Provençal cooking.

New School

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Garza High School principal Vicki Baldwin talks about the daily assault on public education, President George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind policy, and what a non- traditional school like Garza has to offer kids.

South Texas Ratatouille

Jun 30, 2004 By Texas Monthly

1 white onion, diced 1/2 cup Texas extra-virgin olive oil 6 medium cloves garlic, minced 1 large eggplant, peeled and cut into batons (sticks) 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch by 2 inches 1 small zucchini, cut into batons (as above) 1 small yellow squash, cut…

Mesclun, Fennel, and Candied-Pecan Salad

Jun 30, 2004 By Texas Monthly

LEMON-BASIL DRESSING 1 bunch fresh basil 1 shallot, coarsely chopped 6 tablespoons champagne vinegar 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 eggs 3/4 cup salad oil 1/4 cup Texas extra-virgin olive oil salt and white pepper to taste In a food processor, purée first…

Goat Cheese Sampler with Texas Tapenade

Jun 30, 2004 By Texas Monthly

2 cups pitted niçoise olives or other French black olives 1/4 cup Texas extra-virgin olive oil 1 anchovy filet 1 teaspoon capers 1 teaspoon pickled nopalitos, available at many supermarkets, including H-E-B and Central Market (or omit and double amount of capers) 1 sprig fresh…

Cave Clan

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

As Natural Bridge Caverns celebrates forty years since its dedication, its patron family looks back on three generations of cave life.

Nice Ice, Baby

Jun 30, 2004 By Patricia McConnico

Forget sorbetto, gelato, and ice cream. Our new favorite summer cool-me-down is the paleta, Mexico’s answer to the Popsicle. It’s frosty and fruity and comes in dozens of flavors both familiar and exotic. Little known north of the border until fairly recently, the paleta was invented—according to legend—sometime in the…

Julia’s Bistro

Jun 30, 2004 By Patricia Sharpe

On the outside, this Houston newcomer is black and white. Inside—no joke—it’s red all over: cherry, fire-engine, magenta, crimson, electric pink, and burnt orange. If that caffeinated color scheme doesn’t wake you up, the menu will: With stops in Latin America, Asia, the Mediterranean, and other culinary ports of call,…

Going for the Gold

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Photographer Michael O'Brien, who took portraits of Olympic hopefuls for "The Magnificent Seven," discusses how to get the perfect pose.

Great Divide

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Executive editor S.C. Gwynne on the controversy among Episcopal leaders and the future of the Anglican Church.

Grieving Process

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

Writer-at-large Cecilia Ballí, who wrote this month’s feature “The Unknown Soldier”, discusses reporting a story about death and the need for media sensitivity.

Texas Tidbits

Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

The Olympics bring fame to medal winners, but sometimes the luster fades and names are forgotten. Here's a list of a few Texas-born sports heroes who may not have made it on your radar screen.

Honey-Mustard Lamb

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

LAMB 2 boneless Texas lamb loins, about 1 pound each, trimmed salt to taste 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 1 teaspoon dried herbes de Provence 1 teaspoon Texas honey 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon whole-grain mustard 2 tablespoons Texas extra-virgin olive…

Hill Country Growers and Producers

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Goat Cheese: Wateroak Farms, 8187 Water Oaks Lane, Bryan; 979-279-2373. Call for hours. Also available at Bryan-College Station and Austin retailers. Herbs: Generation Farms, 1109 N. McKinney, Rice; 903-326-4263. Call or go to susantaylortours.com for hours. Also sold at many supermarkets. Honey: Lone Star Honey/Walker Honey Company, 8060 E.


Susan Combs

Jun 30, 2004 By Evan Smith

“Billy can go to a 7-Eleven and buy a soft drink and must pay sales tax, but Billy goes to school, buys a soft drink, and pays no sales tax.”

George Lopez

Jun 30, 2004 By Katy Vine

What was your first act like? I did my first act the night of my high school graduation. I was embarking on a profession where you had to be entertaining and charming, and I wasn’t equipped to take it all in. I couldn’t take compliments. I was negative.

Coming Attractions

Jun 30, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Go Fish If you’ve ever tried to reel one in, then you know the struggle between fish and fisherman can be quite a challenge and a thrill. From July 8 through 11, some seven hundred people will test their strength, know-how, and guesswork (you gotta figure out where the fish…


Jun 30, 2004 By Lori Fradkin

In 1960 four students from St. Mary’s University, in San Antonio, were caving in Comal County when one of the boys felt an unexpected draft. A crawl through a narrow corridor led them to a network of caverns filled with breathtaking formations, and four years later, NATURAL BRIDGE CAVERNS—named for…


Greg Ott, Free

Jun 30, 2004 By Gary Cartwright

Greg Ott, the philosophy graduate student who was convicted of killing a Texas Ranger in 1978, has finally been released and is getting on with his life.


Jun 30, 2004 By Katy Vine

Restaurant mogul Tilman Fertitta means to redevelop Galveston into what some say will be a Gulf Coast version of Atlantic City. No wonder he's making waves.