March 1988


Texas In the Blood!

Mar 1, 1988 By dennisdarling

Descendants of famous Texas like Sam Houston and Davy Crockett don’t even try to fill their forefathers’ shoes. They just do their best to keep them polished.


Disorder in the Court

Mar 1, 1988 By Patricia Hart

An eleventh-hour filing by two candidates for the state Supreme Court has kicked off a season of judicial campaigning unprecedented in Texas history.

The Soft Sell

Mar 1, 1988 By Jan Reid

Once, the term “paperback original” was reserved for second-rate work. Now, thanks to an innovative editor, two Texas novelists are proud to see their books in softcover.


State Secrets

Mar 1, 1988 By Paul Burka

Bubba beats the new truck safety standards; O’Neill loses at Baylor—again; Bush’s loss is Gramm’s gain; Clements stays tough on spending.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Mar 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

Grazing cheap and chic in Houston, Austin, and Dallas; tire-kicking at the Fizzlick liquidation boutique; returning a piece of Janis’ heart to Port Arthur.