November 2011


Give Me Shelter

Oct 31, 2011 By Jason Sheeler

Dallas’s ritzy Park Cities is the sort of place where Jerry Jones Jr. can buy a four-story castle with twelve bathrooms and a nine-car underground garage for a reported $8.7 million and some people regard it as a steal. Welcome to the fabulous world of Erin Mathews, the very discreet real estate agent to the very, very rich.

Farmers Flight!

Oct 31, 2011 By Paul Burka

Texas A&M’s announcement that it was bolting the Big 12 for the SEC signaled the end of a passionate rivalry with the University of Texas that has defined the two schools for more than a century. But what does the end of Aggies versus Longhorns mean for the rest of us?

Who Killed Mary Eula Sears?

Jan 21, 2013 By Michael Hall

In 1982 a man named Wayne East was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of one of Abilene’s most prominent citizens. To this day, he maintains his innocence. And one member of the victim’s family believes him.


Felix 55

Oct 31, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. Making assumptions. Forming snap judgments. Call it what you will, we all do it, me included. So when I found myself at the address for Felix 55, staring at what looked like an upscale bar with a restaurant attached, my first reaction was, Michael Kramer is cooking…

Web Exclusive
Rocky Ascent

Oct 31, 2011 By Texas Monthly

Dusty Hill's older brother, Rocky Hill, has been called the "best guitarist you've never heard of," but the recent release of Texas Guitar Legend aims to change that.

Web Exclusive
Strike Two

Oct 31, 2011 By Paul Burka

With two chances to win the World Series with a single strike, the championship slipped away from the Rangers for the second year in a row.

Web Exclusive
Cowboys 52, Texans 10

Oct 31, 2011 By Jason Cohen

After ten seasons as a major NFL franchise, the Houston Texans are picking up some fans, but the blood of Texas still pumps Cowboy blue.

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Michael Hall

Jan 21, 2013 By Stephanie Kuo

The senior editor on writing about Mary Eula Sears, talking to relatives of the deceased, and dealing with sensitive issues.


Old Town Spring

Oct 31, 2011 By Jordan Breal

Dozens of charming, century-old homes just north of Houston have been transformed into a historic shopping district, complete with wooden clogs and fried Oreos.

Anthony Fiorillo, Paleontologist

Oct 31, 2011 By Texas Monthly

Fiorillo, whose fossil digs take him everywhere from West Texas to Australia, grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. He moved to Texas in 1995 to be a curator of paleontology at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and he is currently at work on a new dinosaur hall…

The Horse's Mouth
Being a Hollywood Extra

Oct 31, 2011 By Brian D. Sweany

Jesse Heiman on signing up at Central Casting, working with Leonardo DiCaprio, and still not paying his own phone bill.

Book Review
Black Like Him

Oct 31, 2011 By Annette Gordon Reed

Fifty years after it first electrified the nation, Dallas native John Howard Griffin’s classic book still has something to tell us.

Artist Interview
The Strange Boys

Oct 31, 2011 By Jeff Salamon

Singer-songwriter Ryan Sambol on the band's new album, Live Music, and more.

Music Review
This One’s For Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark

Oct 31, 2011 By Jeff McCord

Tribute albums have not traditionally fared well in the marketplace, and for good reason. Asking artists—either passionate fans or curious dabblers—to record someone else’s songs is a bit of a gamble, and the people who compile these collections often feel morally (and, let’s face it, financially) bound to…


Editor's Letter

Oct 31, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

Later this month, one of the great long-standing traditions in college athletics—the annual Thanksgiving game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M—will come to an end. The rivalry between these two schools has lasted so long, and fostered such ferocious passion on both sides, that most people…

Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Oct 31, 2011 By Texas Monthly

Game On I’m pretty disappointed that you overlooked Texas State University in your “20 Reasons to Love College Football” [September 2011]. It’s a huge school, with nearly 35,000 students. It is moving up to the WAC in 2012, upgrading stadium seats to 30,000, and has snatched up former TCU,…


Eat, Prey, Love

Oct 31, 2011 By Rick Bass

For decades, a treasured plot of Hill Country land meant one thing to the men in my family: a chance to kill lots of deer. Today, it means something different.

Letter from San Antonio
Dogs of War

Oct 31, 2011 By josheells

Why did the world’s most high-tech military bring along a dog when it raided Osama bin Laden’s compound? A visit to Lackland Air Force Base’s canine training school, in San Antonio, provides a few answers.

Left Behind

Oct 31, 2011 By Mimi Swartz

Rick Perry’s stumbles on the national stage have inadvertently highlighted the weakness of his opposition back home—Texas Democrats.