February 1992


The Ranger Bandit

Feb 1, 1992 By Skip Hollandsworth

Steve Benifiel was an old-fashioned outlaw who practically owned the town of Ranger—until he was busted for running one of West Texas’s biggest drug rings.

Are Men Necessary?

Feb 1, 1992 By Lawrence Wright

To hear some women tell it, nature created two genders, one nearly perfect and the other badly flawed. I wonder whether they’re right.

Ernest Tubb Goes Electric

Feb 1, 1992 By Anne Dingus

The great polka boycott, Willie’s Sunday school status, the cold truth about Vanilla Ice, and other notable moments in Texas Music.


State Secrets
Male Delivery

Feb 1, 1992 By Paul Burka

Bob Lanier’s victory in the Houston mayoral runoff guaranteed that all three of the state’s biggest cities will be led by white male political insiders for the first time since 1971. A year ago all three cities had women mayors. But the elections of Lanier, Steve Bartlett in Dallas, and…

State of the Art
Danny Turner with Roy Rogers

Feb 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

On assignment for Country America magazine, Dallas freelance photographer Danny Turner traveled to Southern California’s Roy Rogers—Dale Evans Museum to snap a portrait of the singing cowboy. Turner just couldn’t resist grabbing the opportunity for a “me and Roy” photo, and it turned out so well that Turner put it…

Roar of the Crowd
Ghosts of Dealey Plaza

Feb 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

Jan Jarboe’s “Wonder Drug on Trial” [TM, December 1991], on fluoxetine (Prozac), left me disappointed. As an instructor on antidepressant pharmacology for psychiatric residents, I emphasize that antidepressants are neither good nor bad but simply drugs with individual side-effect profiles and efficacies. I am appalled that the article did not…


Behind the Lines
A New Foundation

Feb 1, 1992 By Gregory Curtis

If Texas is already overburdened with lawyers, and if, nevertheless, our law schools are still bursting with students, then I have a simple solution. Before submitting an application, all who want to apply to law school must sit down and read every word of the Texas constitution that was passed…

Rubén, Rubén

Feb 1, 1992 By miltonjamail

The Texas Rangers have been thinking: Can they afford to keep Rubén Sierra, their best player ever?

Long Shot

Feb 1, 1992 By Michael Ennis

Bert Long comes to Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum by way of the Fifth Ward, the Marines, haute cuisine—and the Prix de Rome.


Well Strung

Feb 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

An Austin artist makes a stringed instrument of monumental scale.

Shock Jock

Feb 1, 1992 By Michael Corcoran

Whether on the field or on the tube, Steve McMichael’s roughhousing grabs fans.

Border Brawlers

Feb 1, 1992 By richdeutsch

Quick: Name the Laredo brothers who were world bantamweight champs at the same time.


Feb 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

Ken Barnes wants to keep his dinosaur fossils near home.


Peppered Pork

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Peppered Pork 1 14-ounce or larger pork tenderloin (have butcher remove membrane) Salt to taste 1 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Cut pork into 4 equal pieces, sprinkle with salt, coat with pepper. In very hot sauté…