March 1984 Issue




I-10 On Ice

In five hours on icy roads the author covered 35 miles and discovered the perils of driving in a state that is unprepared for real winter.


Mermaid Love

Ron Howard’s Splash is a refreshing frolic; Broadway Danny Rose gives us the old soft shoe; And the Ship Sails On is out to sea; Reuben, Reuben is a dark but funny double-decker.


Back in the Mood

A definitive Smithsonian Recordings collection sets a new standard for big band anthologies; other big band recordings prove that swing remains vibrantly alive.

Classical Music

Who Needs Singers?

In conductor’s opera, each of the vocalists becomes just one more instrument in the musical ensemble.

Big Oil Paranoia

Robert Sherrill’s Oil Follies of 1979-1980 leaves no detail unremarked in its effort to pin the blame on Big Oil; in Ronnie Dugger’s On Reagan the author is as unbending an ideologue as his subject is.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Mesa gets an unwanted ally in its battle against Gulf; how to turn $100 million into $12 million; why 1984 is a good year for incumbents; the legal establishment takes aim at a controversial supreme court judge.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Looking for the essence of Texas in El Paso, the soul of Dr. Red Duke in Houston, the secrets of status in Dallas, and a quirky West Texas empire in Balmorhea.

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