November 1988


This Water Is My Water

Nov 1, 1988 By Al Reinert

Cool, clear, and pure, it’s the bounty of the Edwards Aquifer, and if something isn’t done to limit pumping by Hill Country farmers and a thirsty San Antonio, it may also be dry.

The War Zone

Nov 1, 1988 By Jim Atkinson

When crack comes to a neighborhood, it infiltrates, it corrupts, and it destroys—and there is nothing the cops can do about it.


Hasty Copy

Nov 1, 1988 By Suzanne Winckler

Dan Jenkins’ latest takes a tough-cookie journalist out of a thirties movie and puts her into a chase through Depression-era Fort Worth; Sarah Glasscock populates her fictional Alpine with a cast of real characters.

Power Play

Nov 1, 1988 By Patricia Hart

Houston Lighting and Power’s purchase of a Canadian cable TV company may come as a shock to HL&P ratepayers.


State Secrets

Nov 1, 1988 By Paul Burka

The worst school districts in Texas—and how they got that way; where have all the bankers gone?; why Dukakis fell beind in Texas.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Nov 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

Hieromania, the burning curiosity of glyphies; Post time in the race for Houston’s new gossip columnist; an unlikely car and an unlikelier trailer; the parking garage from hell.