September 1984


Heaven on Wheels

Aug 31, 1984 By Jim Atkinson

Why are we crazy for Cadillacs, silly for Suburbans, passionate about pickups? Because Texans love their cars, that’s why.

The Night Crew

Aug 31, 1984 By Mimi Swartz

There are a hundred of them, and their job is invisibility. They come into giant office buildings after everyone has gone home and, if they do the job right, make the evidence of the day’s work disappear.

The Double Life of Paul Thayer

Aug 31, 1984 By Peter Elkind

He had it all: a wife and a mistress, a limousine and a motorcycle, the second-highest job at the Pentagon and some good-time Dallas buddies. Then the SEC took an interest in his life.


Classical Music
Opera For Beginners

Aug 31, 1984 By W. L. Taitte

The Public Opera of Dallas aimed its first season at opera greenhorns and scored two bull’s-eyes.

Tangled Lines

Aug 31, 1984 By James Whitaker

William Humphrey’s Hostages to Fortune tells a sodden fishing story; C.W. Smith’s The Vestal Virgin Room tells of an empty quest for fame; Rosemary Catacalos’ Again for the First Time is an outstanding collection of verse.

Popular Music
Cut From the Herd

Aug 31, 1984 By Jody Denberg

“Herd It Through the Grapevine,” a new disc anthology, has the top of the pop crop.

Prince of Wails

Aug 31, 1984 By James Wolcott

Prince’s Purple Rain is short on plot and dialogue but long on fancy anguish; The Bostonians is a namby-pamby treatment of Henry James’ biting novel.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Aug 31, 1984 By Paul Burka

Trauma for Texas hospitals; more trouble (what else?) for Clinton Manges; why Doggett should win—but probably won’t; and real deals in Houston.