June 1989 Issue



Kid with a Gun

In his lifetime Audie Murphy traveled from the cold reality of World War II to the ultimate illusion of Hollywood.


State Secrets

Sonny Disposition

A barbecue shrine is rescued from the pit of despair; Boone Pickens gets gasses in an Amarillo political war; Bill Clements blocks a wildlife refuge for Texas.

Roar of the Crowd

Fun Fare

Flying high on low tech; facing a painful but complex issue; waging war on pests.



Texas’ Nuclear Neighbor

Triple threat: Scientists fret that an underground nuclear dump will pollute the Pecos; surveyors set off a storm over the center of Texas; cities sweat safety risks from stolen aluminum.


Moving On

Dave Hickey’s fine short stories are enhanced by the scarcity; Texas expatriate William Humphrey takes on the Cherokees’ Trail of Tears.


Soviet Idealism

In a Fort Worth exhibit of Russian and American paintings, two groups of artists use the same vocabulary to express profoundly different views of life and art.

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