October 1983 Issue



Football, Game of Life

When two high schools in Beaumont-one white, one black-were ordered to merge last fall, the outraged town watched as the drama of integration was played out on the football field.


They Say

Cabeza de Vaca hated it. Georgia O’Keeffe loved it. Seems like Texas leaves no one speechless.


Ninety Miles From Nowhere

Presidio crouches on the border of Mexico and the extreme edge of life in America. There, Spanish is the language, hundred-degree heat is the norm, and the hoe is the crucial tool for scraping out life on the desert.


Wal-Marts Across Texas

An Arkansas chain has refused to discount small-town buying power. Now it’s ousting local mom-and-pop operations throughout Texas and even giving K Mart a run for its money.


Daniel’s Lot

In Daniel the hero has to bear the burn of his parents’ treason, while the audience must endure a lot of misery. The Moon in the Gutter is a film in search of eclipse. Education Rita is an enjoyable elective.


Medicine To Go

Minor emergency centers are fine for those who don’t need much more than a Band-Aid, a throat culture, or a summer-camp physical.


State Secrets

State Secrets

The National Weather Service blows Hurricane Alicia; how the storm will blow insurance rates; Texas congressmen vie for a plum committee seal; a suggestion for spending the spare $2 million.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Texas becomes a disaster zone; a magazine empire enters the twilight zone; the district attorney’s office in San Antonio is a war zone; problems crop up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport flight zone.

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