April 1997


Range Rover

Apr 1, 1997 By Anne Dingus

After fifty years of traveling the Southwest, ranch photographer Frank Reeves left behind a vast body of work and unforgettable portraits of the cowboy’s way of life.

The Crossing

Apr 1, 1997 By Robert Draper

If U.S. officials put an end to illegal trips across the Rio Grande at Boquillas, the enchanting border town will find itself caught between countries and cultures. Of course, that’s where it has always been.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Apr 1, 1997 By Jim Atkinson

Itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose: It must be allergy season. But what causes allergies? How do you pick a doctor? And what’s the best treatment? An in-depth look at an affliction that’s nothing to sneeze at.


Jan 20, 2013 By Joe Nick Patoski

This month, more than 150,000 fans will pack an enormous new venue near Fort Worth to watch the state’s first major stock car race. Clearly, NASCAR is on the right track in Texas.


High Tex
Game Daze

Apr 1, 1997 By Josh Daniel

IF FILLING OUT YOUR TAX forms this month wasn’t complicated enough for you, Richardson’s 7th Level has a new computer game that may be right up your alley. In G-Nome, you can pilot a lumbering craft that looks like one of the Imperial walkers from The Empire Strikes Back. But…

Going To Press
Let Them Read Shrake

Apr 1, 1997 By Jordan Mackay

It would be wrong to say that Bud Shrake has finished writing one third of a new novel; it’s actually an old novel, one he has been writing off and on for the past fifteen years. “It’s about love, violence, sex, and murder,” the 65-year-old Austinite explains, and is set…


Apr 1, 1997 By Anne Dingus

Texas City lives on, fifty years after the infamous explosion.

Teen Idol

Apr 1, 1997 By Jason Cohen

The career of Austin young-adult writer Rob Thomas is going through a growth spurt.


Apr 1, 1997 By Jan Jarboe Russell

San Antonio mayor Bill Thornton likes to talk about the future, but he’s still a politician of the past—and so is everyone who’s running against him.

Patrick Curry, Luis Borromeo, and Richard Worley

Apr 1, 1997 By Erin Gromen

In the youth-oriented world of Web page designers, calling someone young is really saying something—but these guys are young. Before any of them is old enough to drink, in fact, the cyberwunderkinder who run two-year-old Zero Factor Interactive (ZFI) have garnered an impressive roster of clients, including Who bassist John…

Hot Box
CD and Book Reviews

Apr 1, 1997 By Texas Monthly

Hot CDs Sing, Cowboy, Sing: The Gene Autry Collection (Rhino) is a three-CD set featuring 84 favorites by the singing cowboy from Tioga. But these aren’t always the best-known versions; many are previously unreleased transcriptions from his Melody Ranch radio show that measure up well and thus add to the…

The Ex Files
Bill Paxton

Jan 20, 2013 By Renee Boensch

When my friend Tom Huckabee and I were seventeen, we pooled our money and bought a new Kodak Ektasound Super-8 system. One of the first films we made was a black and white pseudodocumentary called Victory at Auschwitz, which we shot in the old train yard off West Vickery in…



Apr 1, 1997 By Michael Geffner

Whether playing for the luckless Houston Astros, running the world-champion New York Yankees, or confronting racism, Bob Watson has always stepped up to the plate.

Milligan’s Island

Apr 1, 1997 By Jan Reid

With his resounding voice and striking appearance, Austin’s Malford Milligan stands out in a sea of Texas soul singers.

Behind the Lines
Not Guilty

Apr 1, 1997 By Paul Burka

Two former high-level administrators at Texas A&M may have acted unethically—but that doesn’t make them criminals.

Natal Attraction

Apr 1, 1997 By Jeannie Ralston

After nearly sixty years of collecting information on multiple births, Helen Kirk of Galveston has an obsession of umbilical proportions.


Last Page
Roy Orbison

Apr 1, 1997 By Anne Dingus

What did Roy Orbison drink compulsively, and who called him the world’s greatest singer?

The Inside Story
Marathon Man

Apr 1, 1997 By Josh Daniel

In 1988, when James H. Evans was in his mid-thirties, he left behind a successful photography studio in Austin and moved to remote Marathon, where he took a job as a cook at the Gage Hotel and shot pictures on the side. “Everyone thought I was nuts,” he says. “I…


Walnut-Crusted Striped Bass

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Recipe from The Grape’s chef Jason Gorman. Cranberry-Mango Chutney 1/8 cup minced garlic 1 cup cranberry juice 1/2 cup honey 1 cup fresh cranberries 1 small mango, diced 1/2 cup dried apricots, diced 1 stick cinnamon 1 tablespoon diced fresh ginger Sauté garlic…