In the youth-oriented world of Web page designers, calling someone young is really saying something—but these guys are young. Before any of them is old enough to drink, in fact, the cyberwunderkinder who run two-year-old Zero Factor Interactive (ZFI) have garnered an impressive roster of clients, including Who bassist John Entwistle and frogdesign, the company that designed Apple’s first computers, including the Macintosh. Curry, 17, Worley, 18, and Borromeo, 20, have known each other since their days at South Austin’s Fulmore Middle School (today Borromeo works full-time at ZFI, Curry is a freshman at the University of Texas, and Worley is a senior at Manor High—where, atypically, he was a wide receiver on the football team). Although they charge very professional rates—$5,000 a Web site and up—they still have trouble getting people to take them seriously. “People don’t trust us at first. They think we’re just kids messing around,” Worley says. “But we’ve proved them wrong.”