IF FILLING OUT YOUR TAX forms this month wasn’t complicated enough for you, Richardson’s 7th Level has a new computer game that may be right up your alley. In G-Nome, you can pilot a lumbering craft that looks like one of the Imperial walkers from The Empire Strikes Back. But before you can play, you’ll have to memorize commands for everything from increasing speed, decreasing speed, turning left, and turning right to looking up, looking down, twisting left, twisting right, zooming your movable external camera, targeting enemies, and firing four different weapons. If by chance your vehicle is destroyed and you have to continue on foot, you’ll need to know how to lie down, kneel, and stand up too. Still, there’s a big payoff for all that studying; the 3-D graphics are smooth and truly realistic, the stereo sound puts you right in the middle of the action, and you can even play other people over the Internet. Besides, the bad guys in G-Nome are much nicer than the IRS: If you make a wrong move, they’ll only blow you to bits.