June 1973



Behind the Lines
Behind The Lines

May 31, 1973 By William Broyles

THIS ISSUE TELLS OUR READERS how to enjoy Texas in the summer. That we could so easily be urging Texans to enjoy summer is a testimony to how summers have changed. It wasn’t so long ago that a Texas summer was as inhospitable to normal human existence as a 40-inch…


Briar Patch

May 31, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Cute Toot-Toot Amtrak notwithstanding, countless unfulfilled railroad buffs still reside in Texas. For these unsatiated appetites, a genuine “little railroad that could” still makes daily runs in East Texas. The Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad was begun in 1927 as passenger service between the sawmill town of Camden and…

Briar Patch
Briar Patch

May 31, 1973 By Gregory Curtis, Wendy Meyer and Allan Turner

THE SIN OF AUSTIN IN AUSTIN RECENTLY, DURING A public hearing on skinnydipping in Lake Travis, local resident Louis Steinbach testified to attentive city councilmen: “God has the power to destroy this city for its sin…and officials had better realize it.” We do not want to appear soft on sin,…