November 1984 Issue

On the Cover

Howdy, Son. I’m the Law in This County

These fourteen Texas sheriffs are everything you thought a sheriff ought to be. But look quick; the old-time county lawman is riding off into the sunset.


Trashy Business

When Houston’s rich and powerful join forces with environmentalists to battle big corporations, they can be fighting over only one thing. Garbage.



Downer on the Farm

Country and Places in the Heart both heap on down-home moral uplift; Stop Making Sense is a joyous rockumentary; Amadeus spouts dingdong conceits.


4 BR, 2 BA, Needs Work

Why did I trade in my trouble-free condo for an aging country home with decrepit plumbing? I’m trying to figure that out myself.


Teagarden of Delights

Tribute to Teagarden captures the fullness and humanity of the late Texas trombonist’s art; plus a roundup of recent jazz releases.


State Secrets

State Secrets

No joy in Cubville; deregulation is a gas; two airline wars—one cold, one hot; are the politicians back in control at UT?


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