October 1997


Clifford’s Blues

Sep 30, 1997 By Robert Draper

Up on federal drug charges for the second time in fifteen years, the impresario of Antone’s nightclub in Austin may finally have to face the music.

The Real West Texas

Sep 30, 1997 By Paul Burka

High peaks, scant rain, and hardpan soil—but also high art, hip hotels, and a new telescope that’s a star in its own right: Snapshots from a remote region of our state unlike anyplace else on earth.


Rare Byrd

Sep 30, 1997 By Jamie Fields

Beaumont’s Tracy Byrd may be a hunky, hitmaking hat act, but if it’s all the same, he’d rather be singing an old Bob Wills tune.

Historical Friction

Sep 30, 1997 By Helen Thorpe

Conflicting accounts of the killing of German immigrants in the Hill Country during the Civil War are creating a certain amount of dis-Comfort.

Pup Culture

Sep 30, 1997 By Spike Gillespie

Thanks to his penchant for classic literature, Wishbone is the new top dog in kids’ entertainment.

Writes of Passage

Sep 30, 1997 By Keith Kachtick

Getting published was supposed to be a cure-all, but for Austinite Louise Redd, it was just another chapter in the life of a struggling novelist.


Sep 30, 1997 By Pamela Colloff

Why is it so hard for cities like Austin to hire a police chief?

Jailhouse Flock

Jan 20, 2013 By Pamela Colloff

What is ex–football star Bill Glass’s plan for reforming hardened prison inmates? God is in the details.


Hot Box
CD and Book Reviews

Sep 30, 1997 By Texas Monthly

Hot CDs Few voices evoke the pathos of country and western tragedy as genuinely as the rich, honeyed timbre of George Jones. By 1962, the year Jones signed with the United Artists label, the East Texan had been divorced, jailed, and was already as legendary for his hard drinking as…

Topic A
The (Non)candidate

Sep 30, 1997 By Paul Burka

George W. Bush faces a dilemma. What’s a poor front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination supposed to do when all anyone in the media wants to talk about is when he’s going to announce his intentions? Why don’t interviewers ask him about shoes or ships or sealing wax—anything but that?…


Sep 30, 1997 By Jordan Mackay

A new sports bar inspires Abilenians to get something off their chest.

Reneé O’Connor

Sep 30, 1997 By Erin Gromen

Their mission is to save the world, not conquer it, but the stars of Xena: Warrior Princess are winning television-ratings battles from San Angelo to Slovakia. The two-year-old syndicated show airs in more than eighty countries, making Lucy Lawless, who plays Xena, the first leather-clad TV lead since the Fonz—and…

Mrs. Ed.

Sep 30, 1997 By roseanaauten

Is the most outspoken member of the State Board of Education a selfless public servant or simply a prima Donna?

The Ex Files
Dan Rather

Sep 30, 1997 By Renee Boensch

MY MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER, Grandma Page, was up at three-thirty or four o’clock in the morning to bake and churn and get ready for the cotton fields on our family farm in Bloomington. At night, after all the cooking and sewing, there was energy left for her reading. “Come, Danny, I’ll…


Last Page

Sep 30, 1997 By Anne Dingus

Which Tex sang “High Noon” and which was a member of the Manson family?

The Inside Story
Travelin’ Man

Sep 30, 1997 By Jordan Mackay

Senior editor Joe Nick Patoski provides readers with what you used to get at your local gas station: full service. Writing so-called service pieces—mini-guidebooks that offer readers do-it-yourself instructions and suggestions for trips and other leisure activities—has taken the 46-year-old resident of Wimberley all over Texas. Says Patoski: “I’ve climbed…


Rigatoni With Basil-Pecan Tomato Pesto

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Tomato Pesto Pesto 1 cup chopped pecans 4 medium garlic cloves 3/4 cup olive oil 25 large fresh basil leaves 10 sprigs Italian parsley, leaves only 10 leaves fresh mint salt and pepper to taste 1/2 to 1 tablespoon red-pepper flakes 1…