December 2011


Oral History
Trial by Fire

Dec 1, 2011 By Texas Monthly

It will be remembered as the year of smoke and devastation, as drought-fueled flames wreaked unprecedented havoc across Texas, from Bastrop County to Possum Kingdom. A photographic and oral history of the 2011 wildfires.

Up in the Air

Dec 1, 2011 By Nate Blakeslee

No state has defied the federal government’s environmental regulations more fiercely than Texas, and no governor has been more outspoken about the “job-killing” policies of the EPA than Rick Perry. But does that mean we can all breathe easy?

Up and Eat ’Em

Jan 21, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day. As determined by our exhaustive survey of the state’s best bacon, eggs, pancakes, migas, biscuits, tacos, kolaches, grits, pie, pan dulce, and more, it’s also the most delicious.


How to Design a Custom Belt Buckle

Dec 1, 2011 By Andrea Valdez

Western-yoke, pearl-snap plaid shirts and straight-fit jeans may currently be trending, but custom-made belt buckles will never go out of style. “It’s an item you can wear every day for the rest of your life, then pass down to the next generation,” says Ingram’s Clint Orms, who has crafted buckles…

Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, Bartender

Dec 1, 2011 By Texas Monthly

Campbell is the beverage program director for Edward C. Bailey Enterprises, which includes the Bailey’s Prime Plus steakhouses and Patrizio restaurants. The barman, who decries the title “mixologist” as a “vanity move,” started his cocktail career seven years ago—on the day he stopped drinking. After stints at some of the…

Artist Interview
Liza Richardson

Dec 1, 2011 By Texas Monthly

The disc jockey and music producer on hanging out in Deep Ellum, working on the TV show Friday Nights Lights, and keeping up with Texas music.

Music Review
Houston Might Be Heaven: Rockin’ R&B in Texas, 1947–1951

Dec 1, 2011 By Jeff McCord

Major labels are often maligned for their draconian business practices, but one thing they’ve always done well is archive and repackage vintage music. With CD sales in steep decline, though, the big players have all but given up producing lushly packaged box sets. Cue the fly-by-night independents. HOUSTON…


Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Dec 1, 2011 By Texas Monthly

Powder Puff Piece Despite the uninspired cover plug, I picked up the most recent issue so that I could hopefully learn more about Miranda Lambert’s music, songwriting, and relationship with Texas [“The Girl Who Played With Firearms,” October 2011]. Unfortunately, Skip Hollandsworth’s story disappointed. Several times during the first…

Editor's Letter
Going Postal

Dec 1, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

Back in February 1973, in the very first issue of this magazine, founding editor William Broyles wrote, by way of introduction, “If our readers have ever finished the daily paper or the six o’clock news and felt there was more than what they were told, then they know…


Velvet Taco

Dec 1, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

I ORDERED AT THE COUNTER and took a seat on a metal stool at a big varnished wood table near wall-to-wall windows. My dinner arrived in a paper wrapper, and I ate it with my hands and a spork. Distraction consisted of watching a motley crew of fellow…

Web Exclusive
Unsolved Mystery

Dec 1, 2011 By Michael Hall

It has been twenty years since four teenage girls were murdered in a north Austin yogurt shop—and still no answers.

Web Exclusive
Need Some Gift Ideas?

Dec 1, 2011 By Andy Langer

We got you covered. Representatives from three independent record stores in Texas recommend recent releases from local artists to give as gifts to music fans.

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Nate Blakeslee

Dec 1, 2011 By Jessica Huff

The senior editor on why Texas has taken the lead in fighting new EPA air pollution regulations and what will become the fuel of choice for the next generation of power plants in Texas and around the country.

I Say Burrito, You Say Taco

Dec 1, 2011 By Patricia McConnico

Our top-notch team of anonymous reviewers have some strong words on what to call those delicious tortillas filled with things like eggs, beans, or chorizo. Regardless of semantics, though, they all like to eat them.


Behind the Lines
Enron Ever After

Dec 1, 2011 By Mimi Swartz

Ten years ago this month, the company that once dominated Houston collapsed in a cloud of debt. But its ghost still haunts the city—and America.