May 1985 Issue



Help! We’re Surrounded!

Of course we know that Texas is an oasis in the midst of a wasteland. But some unenlightened folk from our neighboring states beg to differ. We let them talk, then set them straight.


The Shaggy Club

In a mixed-up world, mixed-up kids need somebody who really understands. In Dallas that somebody is a punk DJ called Shaggy.


How They Ruined Our Prisons

Before Ruiz v. Estelle, prisons in Texas were the safest, most productive, and most economical in the nation. Now—after costs have quadrupled—our prisons are the most dangerous in the U.S.



Fish Story

Alamo Bay gets in over its head; Lost in America finds itself through comedy; The Slugger's Wife strikes out.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Love game at Texas Commerce; Phil Gramm versus Jim Wright in East Texas; a storm over a port for Mark White; some good news—maybe—about a nuke.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Battles at the border; weirdos at the Starck Club; monument at the end of the tracks; Mr. Migra goes after Zopilote; Baptists at each other's throats.

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