May 1985 Issue

On the Cover

The Shaggy Club

In a mixed-up world, mixed-up kids need somebody who really understands. In Dallas that somebody is a punk DJ called Shaggy.



Help! We’re Surrounded!

Of course we know that Texas is an oasis in the midst of a wasteland. But some unenlightened folk from our neighboring states beg to differ. We let them talk, then set them straight.



Fish Story

Alamo Bay gets in over its head; Lost in America finds itself through comedy; The Slugger's Wife strikes out.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Love game at Texas Commerce; Phil Gramm versus Jim Wright in East Texas; a storm over a port for Mark White; some good news—maybe—about a nuke.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Battles at the border; weirdos at the Starck Club; monument at the end of the tracks; Mr. Migra goes after Zopilote; Baptists at each other's throats.

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