March 1986 Issue



Turn It Up!

The rudest, crudest, and most obnoxious disc jockeys are on in the mornings. Here’s the best—or the worst—of the lot.


Bass’n Gal

There are bass in Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and the gals were out to hook ‘em. And Rhonda Wilcox hoped to hook the biggest one of all.


Doin’ the Social Climb

From the heights of the Dallas social heap, they leaped to the national celebrity circuit. Rich, young, and fashionable, Twinkle and Bradley Bayoud are a case study on how to rise to the top.


Post-Modern Times

Post-Modern Times

At the singles bar of the eighties, is it’s not love, it could still be a good investment opportunity.



Look into the Houston sky—those helicopters are full of commuters who are having fun.

State Secrets

State Secrets

How much will $15 oil coast Mark White?; two new R’s for school districts: resistin’ reform; the truth about those bank rumors.

Back Roads

Back Roads

Ted Krechel, honorary winter Texan mayor of Pharr, oversees a culture as arcane as a Melanesian cargo cult.



Dizzy Spin

Down and out in Beverly Hills is Mazursky magic; Clan of the Cave Bear is Sheena of the Stone Age; Trouble in Mind is—never mind.


Kwell or Be Kwelled

Cradle Cap was nothing, diaper rash was a breeze. But when my son brought home head lice—well, it made the plague look good.

Classical Music

Changing the Tune

Some new recordings of old symphonies reveal how the composers really wanted things to sound.



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