December 1991 Issue



Brand Name

Long forgotten, Western artist Till Goodan’s bucking broncos and stalwart cowboys are bringing big money and sparking a revival.


Murder in the Melting Pot

Some Vietnamese immigrants live the American dream. But for the family of Vu Dinh Chung, the dream turned into a fatal nightmare.



Bear With Me

Black bears have returned to Big Bend National Park, and our author is determined to find one.

Behind the Lines

A Round Per Second

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any pumpkins; they would have shown vividly the violence these guns could do. But we didn’t let that slight disappointment stop us. At a remote rifle range, we blasted away. Or, to be precise, I blasted away, as my two friends, a law enforcement officer and…



Orange-Jicama Salad

6 medium red onions, thinly sliced 2 cups water 2 tablespoons salt 3/4 cup olive oil 10 bay leaves 1 teaspoon dried marjoram 1 1/2 tablespoons dried oregano 1 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper 10 whole allspice berries 3/4 cup vinegar…


Green Pumpkin-Seed Salsa

1/4 cup green pumpkin seeds 2 medium tomatoes, peeled and seeded 1 serrano chile, peeled and seeded 1 medium white onion, peeled 1/2 bunch fresh cilantro, stems removed 2 teaspoons chopped chives 2 teaspoons chopped coriander 1 cup clam juice 1 tablespoon…


Masa-Battered Shrimp

2 quarts oil 12 to 16 Gulf shrimp, peeled, with tails 1 1/2 cups Masa Harina 3/4 cup flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 2 eggs 8 ounces Shiner Bock beer Salt, white pepper, and cumin to taste Green pumpkin-seed salsa (recipe below)…


Uncandid Camera

What a puff piece! 60 Minutes, which has eviscerated many a victim over the years, gave Ann Richards the royal treatment in its October 27 profile. When interviewer Morley Safer wasn’t rewriting history (blaming Clayton Williams’ rape gaffe for the unraveling of his campaign, when in fact Claytie maintained a…

Roar of the Crowd

Food for Thought

I had high expectations when I subscribed to Texas Monthly to use in a reception area of our company. I was very disappointed when I saw the “What a Dish!” cover [TM, October 1991]. If I had wanted to put a half-naked, sleazy female in my reception area, I would…



S. A. Split

The Cisneroses aren’t the only ones in the Alamo City fighting over their divorce.


Plains Poll

For the Bush administration, Lubbock is still the hub of popular opinion.

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