March 1983 Issue

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Lyndon Johnson, Hairdresser, Prepares for Battle

The long afternoons of the best friend the rich women of Houston have ever had.


Blood of the Lamb

A high school teacher shot up the First Baptist Church in the East Texas steel town of Daingerfield, and the agony lasted longer than anyone could have imagined.



The Nerd Who Would Be King

Martin Scorcese’s The King of Comedy is about the stock-in-trade of comedians, but who’s the laughingstock? You’ll be smitten with Lovesick. The Year of Living Dangerously teeters precariously between metaphysics and lust.


Architect in Wonderland

The barren plains of the Southwest and the fertile fields of his mind led architect Bruce Goff to create houses that got curiouser and curiouser.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Pecos bucks for the title of world’s oldest rodeo; medical students make us pay now so they can make us pay later; Ground Zero radiates good, atomic fun; Texas’ jails get slammed; Fort Worth’s namesake languishes among Yankees.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Wright is wrong in the Houston mayor’s race; the medical establishment beats the state budget crunch; capital punishment faces death by bureaucracy; will defense put John Tower on the defensive?

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