April 1986


Eighteen Minutes

Apr 1, 1986 By Stephen Harrigan

Unlike the Alamo, which can seem as remote and mysterious as Stonehenge, the San Jacinto battlefield has few secrets. Its history lies close at hand.

Swamp Gas

Apr 1, 1986 By Gary Cartwright

When Jimmy Lee, an unrepentant troublemaker, felt he had taken one insult too many from the powerful Fredeman family, he called in the law. The results of that action have exposed decades of larceny and corruption in Port Arthur and threaten a Gulf Coast empire.

Taco Capital, U.S.A.

Apr 1, 1986 By Alison Cook

You want tacos with carnitas or cactus pads? Beef barbecue or bacon and eggs Come to San Antonio, where tacos aren’t just an afterthought on a Tex-Mex munue—they’re a way of life.


On the Menu: Rosario’s

Apr 1, 1986 By Helen Thompson

Rosario’s has always been a colorful spot to dine, and not just because the food is an energetic and enthusiastic version of authentic Mexican cuisine. This neighborhood bar on the edge of the historic King William district is bright with vivid shades of the rainbow—purple ceilings and purple ceiling…



State Secrets

Apr 1, 1986 By Paul Burka

Southwest and Continental make war, knot Love; make way for natural gas on the commodities market; a taxing situation for Speaker Gib.


Apr 1, 1986 By Jim Atkinson

The DA in El Paso may do a lot of things, but there’s one thing he doesn’t do—plea-bargain.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1986 By Joseph Nocera

Will Shelby Coffey lead the Dallas Times-Herald to victory? Will Muse aficionados ever find happiness aloft again? Will Tommy Pierce keep real-estating and a-rocking?