May 1981



A Good Catch

Apr 30, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Schrenkeisens’ is so elegant you’ll think you’re in the big city, but the fish is so fresh you know you’re on the coast. Ninfa’s runs thirteen Mexican restaurants across Texas, and amazingly, they can all cook.

Buddha In Boots

Apr 30, 1981 By William Martin

A chant-happy Buddhist sect puts on a dazzling pageant in praise of the Texas cowboy. Pastor Barry Bailey lives up to his reputation as a bulwark of Fort Worth Methodism.

The Lion Sleeps

Apr 30, 1981 By C.W. Smith

Lion in the Desert is like a breath of hot air. In Death Hunt, the Mounties take forever to get their man. Nighthawks never takes flight. In The Last Metro, Truffaut’s film about wartime Paris, he plays it a little too safe. The Postman Always Rings Twice doesn’t ring true.


State Secrets

Apr 30, 1981 By Paul Burka

Fines for political signs; big changes in the Valley; UT bursting at the seams; the failure of consultants; Arlington, an unlikely newspaper town.



Apr 30, 1981 By Texas Monthly

Studying the hard truths of Dallas politics; learning the ropes as a commercial driver; teaching kids to think; remembering the lessons of the oil patch.