January 1980 Issue



Elegant Fossils

Once Texas was a land of fabulous, ornate county courthouses. It still is, but today they’re flamboyant relics in our streamlined urban landscapes.


Life Got You Down

Don’t despair, learn to Think Positive! Success and happiness are only a seminar, a cassette library, and several hundred dollars away!


State Secrets

State Secrets

A helicopter plague descends on Dallas; is the Texas environmentalist an endangered species?; cattlemen won’t be cowed.



Terminal Case

Galveston has withstood tidal waves, hurricanes, gamblers, and tourists. Can it survive a superport?


Life After SMU

When Stage #1 opened as a halfway house for theater graduates from SMU, the participants weren’t pitied but applauded.

Classical Music

The Trill of It All

Houston and Dallas opera companies could fudge on shoe sizes when it came to casting Cinderellas, but the voices had to fit just so.



Texas Monthly Reporter

George Bush wants to shake your hand; Rita Clements wants to paint your Governor’s Mansion; Dallas wants to bring you art, lots of art.

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