October 1998


Pay Check

Sep 30, 1998 By Graef Crystal

Michael Dell earned nearly $34 million in 1997. Was he worth it? Find out in our roundup of the most overpaid and underpaid CEOs in Texas.

Leon’s Lens

Sep 30, 1998 By Anne Dingus

In the Central Texas town of Seguin, Leon Kubala has been documenting life and death for more than fifty years, one picture at a time.

Two for Texas

Sep 30, 1998 By Paul Burka

Candidates Rick Perry and John Sharp donÕt agree on much, but they both say the race for lieutenant governor is the most important one on the ballot this fall. They’re right.

Running Right

Sep 30, 1998 By Jason Cohen

Forget about the hair (and the tattoos). Ricky Williams has his head screwed on straight, which is why he’s still playing football at the University of Texas.


First Person
Very Special Ed

Sep 30, 1998 By daviddmedina

Thirty years ago I was a barrio kid with little hope for a college degree. Then the alternative school Chinquapin turned my life around.

Fame of Hall

Sep 30, 1998 By Spike Gillespie

You might not recognize actress Irma P. Hall on the street, but you know her from her films. And thatÕs just how she likes it.

Moore of the Same

Sep 30, 1998 By Claire Poole

Old Texas, New Texas, boom, bust: Whatever the times, Houston strip-mall king Jerry J. Moore makes a living–and lives it up.

Lee Ann Climbs

Sep 30, 1998 By Jamie Fields

Is country-chart-topping Jacksonville native Lee Ann Womack the real thing? Buck Owens and Loretta Lynn are among those who think so.


T V Talk
This Year’s Model

Sep 30, 1998 By Jordan Mackay

Angie Harmon is disappointed to leave so many unpicked cherry tomatoes in her back yard in California, but she’s had to move to New York to tend to her own Miracle Grow–style success story. That’s where Law and Order films, and this season the 26-year-old Dallas native is the newest…

Kristen Link and Lindsay Long

Sep 30, 1998 By Katy Vine

When twenty-year-old Kristen Link, a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, asked eighteen-year-old freshman Lindsay Long to be her synchronized diving partner in the spring of 1997, Long wasn’t sure she wanted to take the plunge. “It’s scary enough to dive by yourself, and in synchronized diving you have…

It’s Not Over

Sep 30, 1998 By John Morthland

Okay, he isn’t exactly sexy. But he’s hot! And he’s dead! The busiest balladeer in Texas these days is… Roy Orbison.

The Ex Files
Joel Coen

Sep 30, 1998 By Brian D. Sweany

I came to Austin in 1979 because I was married to a woman in the graduate program in linguistics at the University of Texas. I enrolled in the graduate film school there, but after one semester I quit. I had just gotten out of New York University, and my leaving…

Hot Box
CD and Book Reviews

Sep 30, 1998 By Texas Monthly

Hot CDs “You’ve got to market this music like you were a dope dealer.” So goes a line in “Village Idiot Savant,” the opening track of The Right to Remain Silent (Heiress Aesthetic) by Cottonmouth, Texas, the nom de guerre of Jeff Liles, who was rapping when Vanilla Ice was…


Brother, Can You Spare Some Dimes?

Sep 30, 1998 By Evan Smith

George W. isn’t the only Bush benefiting from the largesse of well-heeled Texans. His brother Jeb Bush, the GOP candidate for governor in Florida, has thus far received more than $382,000 in contributions of $500 or less from Texans. Among the notable donors: financier Perry Bass, oilmen W. A. “Tex”…

Around the State
Around the State

Sep 30, 1998 By Texas Monthly

A bueno new home for Latin American art (San Antonio). Plus: Dan Flavin’s artful neon (Houston); music fans go bock to the future (Shiner); the queen of the Lion King roars back with The Flying Dutchman (Houston); and Porgy and Bess, you is my show now (Austin). THE MAIN EVENT…

The Inside Story
Reid All About It

Sep 30, 1998 By Jordan Mackay

In August 1973 Jan Reid was published for the first time in Texas Monthly in what was the seventh issue. On April 20, 1998, he was shot by bandits during a robbery in Mexico City. In between, he wrote countless articles for countless publications, earning his reputation as one of…

State Fare
State Fare

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

East meets West for a culinary summit in this smashing recipe from Houston’s Sake Lounge (550 Texas Avenue). Chef de cuisine Steven Vanderpool brightens all-American crab cakes with a splash of soy sauce and a dash of curry powder; for emphasis, he adds a few pungent leaves of Chinese parsley…


Osaka Crab Cakes

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Crab Cakes 1 pound lump crabmeat, picked 1/2 to 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup Japanese bread crumbs, plus some for breading (available in many grocery stores; do not use regular, fine bread crumbs) 1/4 cup finely diced red bell pepper, briefly sautèed in oil juice and…