November 1992


Dead Again

Nov 1, 1992 By Anne Dingus

Get your masks on; put on your dancing shoes. It’s time for Mexico’s Day of the Dead, one of the liveliest celebrations around.

Drugged Out

Nov 1, 1992 By robertawright

After seven years, teaching kindergarten in a community devastated by drug addiction became more than I could bear. Still, my decision to leave was fraught with mixed emotions.

The Lake No One Knows

Nov 1, 1992 By Dana Rubin

From longtime locals to environmentalists, everyone has an opinion about the future of Caddo Lake—but the issues they’re debating are as murky as the lake itself.

The Almost Great Bank Robbery

Nov 1, 1992 By Skip Hollandsworth

It seemed like the perfect inside job: A respected cop conspires with his teller girlfriend to pull the biggest bank heist in San Antonio history. If they hadn’t been so careless, they might have gotten away with it.


State Secrets

Nov 1, 1992 By Paul Burka

AUSTIN POLITICS ARE the nuttiest in the state. It all stems from an obsession with quality of life, and nothing quite brings out the daffiness like a threat to the city’s beloved Barton Springs. Even as a two-year legal battle continues to rage over development upstream on Barton Creek, a…

State of the Art
The Cowboy Boot Book

Nov 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

This fall, photographer Jim Arndt and Western props supplier Tyler Beard visited the annual event in Burnet to chew the fat with many of the craftsmen featured in The Cowboy Boot Book (Peregrine Smith Books), their pictorial guide to fancy footgear. Arndt and Beard have dressed Western since…

Roar of the Crowd
Family Fortune

Nov 1, 1992 By Texas Monthly

YOUR RECENT ARTICLE “THE TEXAS 100,” by Christine Carroll [TM, September 1992], was about the one hundred richest people in the state and how they got that way. I quickly skimmed the pictures and names, expecting to read about my dad, and was surprised to find he had been…

State Fare
State Fare

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

When Bruce Pike was 16, he was doing chateaubriand and baked Alaska at the University Club in San Antonio. Now at 31—having migrated through some of that city’s fancier restaurants (including La Buca and Biga)—he is doing his own thing at Luna Notte (6402 N. New Braunfels). “I’m going…


Death of a Fixer

Nov 1, 1992 By Robert Draper

WHEN I WAS A SOPHOMORE AT THE University of Texas in 1977, my grandfather, a prominent Houston attorney, came to Austin to give a lecture to the university’s law students. After his speech, my grandfather told me he wanted to introduce me to someone. He led me toward a large…

Raw Visions

Nov 1, 1992 By Michael Ennis

A Houston show introduces new black Texas artists in works that range from personal vision to political agitprop.

Out of Sync

Nov 1, 1992 By John Morthland

Nearly everyone agrees that the nation’s best college jazz program is in Denton, but critics wonder if it isn’t mired in the past.


Cowboy Texas Randall

Nov 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

Old-timers around Canon recall that in 1959, when Harry Wheeler erected the seven-ton concrete-and-stucco cowboy outside his trading post and curio shop, he had to bring in a truck and crane from a local drilling company to set the big galoot on his feet. Towering over U.S. 60, Tex Randall…

Java Jive

Nov 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

“WE CATER TO REAL COFFEE drinkers,” says seventy-year old Joseph Fertitta, the president of Beaumont’s Texas Coffee Company and son of the founder. Texas’ only family-owned Coffee-manufacturing company has been perking along with its Seaport brand since 1921, competing in the national market by virtue of its product’s prodigious strength.

Radio Foreplay

Nov 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

In the beginning, say Stevens and Pruett, a listener dubbed them “radio gods.”

Grim Reaping

Nov 1, 1992 By Helen Thompson

As bills mount, AIDS patients sell their life insurance policies—in Waco.


Duck Apicious

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Basting Sauce 1 cup orange juice 3 teaspoons white wine vinegar 2 teaspoons honey 2 teaspoons granulated sugar 3 teaspoons Grand Marnier Place ingredients in saucepan, and cook over medium heat until reduced and caramelized, stirring occasionally. Duck 1 3-pound duckling 1 orange 1…