October 1979



Sep 30, 1979 By W. L. Taitte

Can’t hull a strawberry? Can’t boil an egg? Can’t wash leafy vegetables? Relax. Help is on the way.


A Joyful Noise

Sep 30, 1979 By William Martin

At St. Patrick’s in San Antonio they sing and dance—during mass. At Lakewood Assembly of God in Dallas they sing and sing and sing . . .

The Right Wings

Sep 30, 1979 By Stephen Harrigan and Nicholas Lemann

In his new book Tom Wolfe poses this question: were the Mercury astronauts men or monkeys? Thomas Thompson changes his journalistic setting from Houston to the far East to produce a book about an astonishing criminal.


State Secrets

Sep 30, 1979 By Paul Burka

How will Christo wrap up his trip to Texas?; pooh-poohing Three mile Island; the greatest train robbery of all; shake-up at Houston’s city hall.