February 2003


Cover Girls

Feb 1, 2003 By Anne Dingus

From Ann on a Harley to Anna Nicole on a Bum Steer binge, we present our fifty favorite Texas Monthly issues with a female face.

The Warrior’s Bride

Feb 1, 2003 By Jan Reid

Cynthia Ann Parker was nine when a Comanche snatched her from her East Texas home in 1836. Yet throughout her life as her captor's wife she remained strong, brave, and devoted to her husband and children. Which is to say, she was the original Texas woman.

All About My Mother

Feb 1, 2003 By Cecilia Ballí

Widowed at 38, a Mexican citizen with no money and a sixth-grade education, she raised three proud American daughters—and embraced life on her own terms.

Queen for a Day

Feb 1, 2003 By Pamela Colloff

At this year's Miss Texas Teen USA pageant, girls from big cities and small towns stuffed their bras, slicked Vaseline across their teeth, and prayed that their thighs were toned enough. Anything for the crown.

What Does Kay Want?

Feb 1, 2003 By Skip Hollandsworth

Good question, and everyone seems to have an answer: To be respected for her accomplishments as a U.S. senator. To help lead the GOP after its Election Day triumph. To be a mom, finally, in her late fifties. To come back home and run for governor—maybe. But, please, no psychobabble.


My Life
Mother Nurture

Feb 1, 2003 By S. C. Gwynne

The secret to running Southwest Airlines? Be sentimental. Share. And love.

Sissy Spacek
My Life

Jan 20, 2013 By Sissy Spacek

You can take the six-time Oscar nominee out of the small town . . .

Behind the Lines
My Texas Women

Jan 20, 2013 By Paul Burka

I was raised by one, I married one, and I raised one myself—and I wouldn't be who I am without them.


Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs

Feb 1, 2003 By Texas Monthly

8 dried figs, preferably Mission (do not subsitute fresh) 8 pecan or walnut halves 3 ounces blue cheese or goat cheese, about 1/2 teaspoon for each fig, at room temperature thin slices of prosciutto or other imported ham (enough to completely wrap each fig with one…

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Anne Wilkes Tucker

Feb 1, 2003 By Nora Varty

Not too long ago the photography collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston was nonexistent. But thanks to curator Anne Wilkes Tucker, it is now considered one of America's best. Here, she discusses her career, photography and being a woman in the field.

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Candy Clark

Feb 1, 2003 By Charlie Llewellin

Actress Candy Clark, who played Debbie Dunham in the movie American Graffiti, will be in Dallas February 14-16 for the Autorama show at Dallas Market Center.

Books That Cook
Books That Cook

Feb 1, 2003 By Gina Petrelli

Settings on the Dock of the Bay: A Collection of Recipes from Assistance League of the Bay Area, Texas

Pat's Pick
On the Road

Feb 1, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

HAPPY TRAIL TO YOU Do something different for Valentine’s Day: Nibble and tipple your way across Central Texas on the fourth annual Hill Country Wine Lovers’ Trail. Fourteen of the area’s wineries have joined together to offer a variety of wine-and-food tastings, lunches, and dinners for Valentine’s weekend, February 14…

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Gloria Feldt

Feb 1, 2003 By Irene Kosela

Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, has traveled far from her birth place in Temple, Texas.

Pat's Pick
Primary Flavors

Feb 1, 2003 By Eileen Schwartz

CHOC TREATMENT Lisa Fox, co-owner of Austin’s Asti Trattoria and a pastry chef in her own right, talked to us about the most coveted sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. What makes a good cooking chocolate? It should contain nothing artificial. Also, no added sugar or cocoa powder. I…

Web Exclusive
A Q&A with Juliet Garcia

Feb 1, 2003 By Irene Kosela

Juliet Garcia, president of The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, talks with us about her life and roots in South Texas.

Q&A with Michael Hull

Feb 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

In the spring of 1995, Austin lawyer and photography-enthusiast Michael Hull found himself in a self-described "interesting intersection in time"—or at least Texas time.

Web Exclusive
A Q&A with Marshevet Hooker

Feb 1, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

San Antonio high school senior Marshevet Hooker was a member of the record setting U.S. Junior Track & Field Team. She recently committed to attending college at UT-Austin.

Web Exclusive
A Q&A With Hilary Duff

Feb 1, 2003 By Stephanie Myers

Hilary Duff, star of the breakout Disney Channel program Lizzie McGuire, is, at 15, already a legitimate phenomenon. In addition to her acting, which has spanned stage and screen, Duff's single "I Can't Wait" from the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack went gold this year.

The Soul of Rock and Roll

Dec 1, 2008 By Texas Monthly

The Soul of Rock and Roll (Monument/Orbison/Legacy) marks the first comprehensive collection of Roy Orbison’s career, and hearing the Vernon native’s work in sequence over four CDs is eye-opening. His operatic High Plains voice shines through the early bare-bones, amphetamine-paced sessions with Norman Petty and Sam Phillips. Yet…

Chocolate Pound Cake

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

1/2 cups butter (3/4 pound) 3 cups sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 5 eggs 1 cup cocoa powder (Ghirardelli or other good quality cocoa powder) 2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup buttermilk 3 tablespoons…

Pat's Pick

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

MAD FOR HATTIE’S On my first visit to Hattie’s, a brand-new restaurant in Dallas’ Oak Cliff area, I ordered the prosciutto-wrapped figs stuffed with Maytag blue cheese and walnuts just because the combo sounded different. Wham! Salty, sweet, pungent—this was no appetizer to trifle with. Hmmm. How to mellow out…


Around the State

Straight Talk

Feb 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

PROUD MARY MARY MATALIN, until recently a counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, and her husband, political commentator James Carville, will speak at the George Bush Presidential Library Center, in College Station, February 28. You’ve now worked in the administrations of two presidents with wives who are Texas women.


Feb 1, 2003 By Eileen Schwartz

VOICES OF CHANGE Two of the state’s women’s rights pioneers—Dallas attorney Louise B. Raggio, known as the “mother of family law in Texas,” and Vivian Castleberry, the first woman to serve on the editorial board of the Dallas Times Herald, will be among the featured guests at Southern Methodist University’s…


Feb 1, 2003 By Katy Vine

LADIES ONLY Recently, Ruby Nelda Perez, a locally popular San Antonio performance artist, tried to describe Rosita, the Latina restaurant owner who is the sole character in Perez’s one-woman show, Doña Rosita’s Jalapeño Kitchen. “I think she’s a combination of women I’d like to be, women I am, women I…


Feb 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

TRUE LIVES The museum building boom of the past few years has enriched Texas’ cities with many new entertainment and learning opportunities. Especially impressive are the museums devoted to the women who have had a hand in developing our state and country. Fort Worth’s National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of…


Into the Sunset

Feb 1, 2003 By Kathryn Jones

Sorry, Willie. My heroes have always been cowgirls—which is why I'm sad that these Texas icons are disappearing.