Ken Paxton isn’t the only 2021 Bum Steer! Read about the COVID Nineteen, the Texas Democratic Party, and all the rest. Also, check out our Best Things in Texas list for examples of some of this year’s uplifting moments.

Are you fascinated by the baroque scandals of Texas politics? Enthralled by video games? Frustrated that you’ve never been able to engage in both obsessions at the same time? Well, say hello to PAXT-MAN®, an exciting maze chase game that allows you to control the avatar of real-life Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, a.k.a. PAXT-MAN®, as he avoids the long arm of the very criminal justice system that keeps him gainfully employed. Will he be charged with bribery and abuse of office and found guilty of multiple securities law violations? It’s up to you to decide! 

All kinds of people are after PAXT-MAN!
Illustration by Ross MacDonald

Fast-moving FBI agent SPUNKY® is going to do everything he can to make it impossible for PAXT-MAN® to guzzle down dollars, bonk citizens on the head for trying to vote, and put LGBTQ Texans back in the closet. 

Watch out: at a moment’s notice, PAXT-MAN®’s top aide, FLUNKY®, will transform from friendly subordinate into hostile whistleblower, accusing him of accepting bribes and of abusing the powers of his office.

District court judge BUNKY® is PAXT-MAN®’s worst nemesis. PAXT-MAN® has managed to avoid his courtroom for a record-setting five and a half years while under indictment. Can you keep his streak going?

Uh-oh! Every time PAXT-MAN® thinks he’s shaken off relentless special prosecutor HUNKY® with an attempt to SEEK DISMISSAL OF CHARGES®, that pesky HUNKY® pops right back up, sometimes at double speed.

Swallowing Austin real estate investor NATE PAUL® will pad PAXT-MAN®’s coffers and secure a cushy job for PAXT-MAN®’s alleged former mistress—which sure won’t please state senator Angela Paxton, a.k.a. MS. PAXT-MAN®!